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8 Types of Kitchen Tables To Consider

Make your kitchen your own with these tables to cook, relax and gather round 

It is time to make your kitchen table the heart of your kitchen. Gone are the days of a simple wooden table with six chairs. There are countless options for modern dining sets, it is all about getting the right look for you and your home. Kitchen tables are ranging in countless shapes and sizes, in colour, material and budget, all things that are valuable to consider when choosing a table. It is the centrepiece of the dining area and where you gather with friends and family. The difference lies in the detail with these styles.


An aged wood kitchen table is guaranteed to stand the test of time. Attractive, inoffensive, and it matches almost any interior. Go for circular or rectangular, whichever works in your kitchen space best. To get the smart look, add some matching chairs, or you can accessorise by adding brightly coloured chairs or cushions. A unique design like this Mikado dining table from CA Design can enhance the aged wood beautifully. Designed by Alain van Havre, the sculptural character is the result of a quest to find the balance between functionality and stability. The table’s legs interlock like a well thought out puzzle and the circular shape will always allow you to interact with your guests comfortably. www.cadesign.ie


A farmhouse design is timeless and will bring a modern-rustic feel to both country and urban homes. Farmhouse tables are beneficial as they are usually spacious enough to seat six to eight people, they are practical as well as stylish, and they last a long time, given that they are large solid tables. They conveniently provide a surface space for every activity. Most farmhouse tables come with built-in drawers providing handy additional storage. You can apply any seating to a farmhouse table, make it look more industrial with metal chairs, add benches or pop a colourful chair in there. www.neptunebyglobalvillage.ie


The oval table top is a great way to optimise space and create a softer mood in your kitchen. The vast majority of oval tables have a single foot or central base, this detail allows people to sit comfortably together around the table. It is the perfect table for seating a group of dinner guests with the elongated shape, but it does not take over the room as seen in this Thompson Clarke kitchen. www.thompsonclarke.com


Light or marble small oval dining tables are on trend and can be found in many modern furniture retailers. This marble oval dining table from CA Design was inspired by a drop of high-viscosity liquid. The overall effect is elegant and clean. This table is the perfect modern addition to a kitchen with limited space, and can sit four to six people. The bright, cleanness of this design means it can be accompanied by any style of chair or modern interior. www.cadesign.ie


Industrial style tables can add a touch of personality to any room. An industrial piece of furniture is often made from metal or wood, making it strong and durable. These pieces come in a range of different styles and colours and can often be more affordable than other types of furniture. This unique, fully functional architects draughting table doubles up from a dining table to a kitchen island. The handcrafted dining table works well in homes that have an open kitchen/dining area and when it is raised, it helps to separate zones, whilst feeling ‘open-plan.’ www.homestreethome.ie


In a large kitchen, it can be hard to know what to do with the space. Why not make your dining table a statement piece and place a long, banquet style table in your kitchen. The stark white shade of this Noel Dempsey dining table set and chairs compliments the dark navy of the kitchen beautifully. The marble table top is a sleek addition, tying in with the kitchen but acting as a grand, modern kitchen centrepiece. www.noeldempsey.com


An informal dining set up is a great way to individualise your kitchen when renovating.  A kitchen bench is always an interesting addition and can be personalised to your taste in a major way, from unique shapes to statement fabrics. As seen in this Thompson Clarke kitchen, the bench in between the cabinetry has been lined up with the wood dining table and the design of the seating compliments the cosy cabinetry and overall aesthetic. www.thompsonclarke.com


An antique kitchen table can add some serious originality to your kitchen, especially to a modern interior. Why not bring a new lease of life to a piece of older wooden furniture and make it your own? It can transform your home into a stunning and original environment and is an ideal surface for entertaining. How chic for cocktails? Another added benefit of an antique table is that it is good for the environment by keeping furniture in circularity! 


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