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8 Kitchen Storage Ideas to Optimise Your Space

Here are the best types of storage for your kitchen, saving you from countertop clutter …

Main Image; Newcastle Kitchens


Why not centre your kitchen around storage? A walk-in pantry can act as a centre piece for a kitchen, like in this White Monaco Kitchen from Andrew Ryan Bespoke kitchens. This walk-in pantry is finished in natural oiled oak with a sliding door for access. It is fully fitted with integrated LED lighting and wrap around shelving for storage. With this addition you need no other dry food storage, it is easily accessible and visible and creates a homely feeling in this luxury kitchen. Image; Andrew Ryan Bespoke Kitchens  www.andrewryan.ie.


A pull out larder is a compact way to introduce storage to your kitchen. It can be designed to your preference, whether you want it standing or built into your kitchen cabinets. In this Rathgar renovation by O’Connors of Drumleck, the extra tall cabinetry has been specified to do the three-metre ceiling justice, elevating the sense of grandeur and scale. This rounded corner cabinet is a great source of storage for not only dry ingredients but kitchen machinery as well. The height alone gives way for a large space at the bottom and neat shelving at the top and closes compactly in the corner unseen. Image; O’Connors of Drumleck www.oconnorsofdrumleck.ie.


If storing your kitchen appliances is what you seek, then concealed storage is what you need. The hub of this ridged Bossa Kitchen by Leicht is completely hidden behind retractable doors. It is sophisticated, modern and all about maximising space with a minimal aesthetic. The neat ridged wooden storage unit is available in oak or walnut. This storage effectively conceals cooking appliances, industrial style metal shelving and wooden matching interiors. Image; McNally Living www.mcnallyliving.ie.


Exposed shelving is an optimal way to personalise your kitchen. It is an inexpensive way to store and style your favourite dishware, crockery, cookbooks and small kitchen machinery. It opens up your kitchen and creates a warm and inviting feeling when you enter. Image; Neptune Kitchens www.neptune.com.


Never underestimate the convenience of a well designed drawer. How does it glide? How deep is it? and How much crockery do you have? are all questions to ask yourself when thinking about inserting drawers. A wide, shallow cutlery drawer is recommended with deeper ones underneath for plates and bowls and an even deeper one still at the bottom for pots and pans or bigger bowls. The priority is to avoid stuffing your items into the drawer and make sure each item has a place to sit where it will not get damaged. 


A tall larder unit provides copious amount of storage space for food in an easily accessible way. With the option of adjustable shelving and interchangeable materials, a larder unit can be engineered to fit your preferences. The compact shelving on the door frame only adds to the neat storage.


Instead of taking every measure to conceal your storage unit, why not show off your favourite crockery in a glass door cabinet? This design allows your personality to shine through in your kitchen; it being the heart of the home and all that. It allows you to curate a wall of your kitchen, change up the design and does provide effective storage to your taste and size preference. Effective carpentry and craftsmanship can help you with your design and size preferences. Image; Neptune Kitchens  www.neptune.com.


If you are a regular party host or simply like being stocked up for your Friday treat, a wine cooler may be for you. Carefully designed by companies like Neff or Siemens, these coolers slot into your kitchen neatly. They can be either hidden in an island or put on display as a new kitchen centrepiece. They vary in size and length depending on your preferences. A wine cooler means you don’t need to worry about your bottles rolling around in the fridge or being packed in a cupboard; wine storage becomes something you never need to think about. www.neff-home.com.


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