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Trinny Woodall’s Fashion Tips and Tweaks Will Transform How You Dress

Get the tips and tricks from a styling masterclass by Trinny Woodall as part of THE GLOSS Beauty of Beauty event at The Westbury …

When it comes to style, and styling, Trinny is the undisputed master. In her insanely popular posts on Instagram and TikTok, Trinny has taught us all the art of layering, how to pair high-end with high street, how to ditch conservative clothes for clothes which really reflect our personality – and how we can be fearless with what we wear. Yet even she has those “What Do I Wear?” moments.

“I often use the analogy of being hungry when doing the supermarket shop. Don’t go shopping in a panic, when you have to find something for an event the following day. Give yourself time.”

Knowing our body type is the key to being comfortable – Trinny remains faithful to designs and designers which flatter her shape (long torso and shorter legs). The Vampire’s Wife is a favourite designer, as is Dries Van Noten for colour and pattern, and Solace London for eveningwear.

As a shopper with a fantastic eye, Trinny believes department stores are only as good as their buyer. She rates Brown Thomas for its edit and took guests through twelve key looks from its current collection, showing how she would tweak each outfit with some of her magic styling tricks. All items shown below are availeable at Brown Thomas

1 “Crayola dressing” is one of her tricks – wearing beautiful tonal shades of the same colour, as illustrated by a bright yellow suit from MaxMara Studio. Trinny tweaked this by showing how to change the lapels of a suit by pinning them (using magnets from Temu, €1.98;

2 Adjusting the collars on shirts is another easy trick that can alter the appearance of an outfit – a gorgeous blue Victoria Beckham suit. “It’s about showing off a long neck and not having your face dominated by a collar.” She tucked in the collar of the yellow shirt, leaving a clean neckline.

3 Trinny also showed how rolling up a sleeve – using an elastic band – or opening a shirt to reveal a white tee underneath, or adding a bold necklace, can transform an outfit. “I’m a big fan of a co-ord,” she admitted, as Kobi Halperin’s blue shirt and trousers was modelled. Trinny opened the shirt to style as a “shacket” and showed how adding dramatic jewellery to a neckline can alter and elevate the look of an outfit.

4 A key trick in her arsenal is the addition of shoulder pads – Trinny buys hers from Magic (€22.18; She immediately altered the look of a MaxMara parka with some shoulder pads which gave structure and impact to this casual item. “Shoulder pads are especially effective for those with an “apple” body shape or rounded shoulders: they create a clothes hanger effect,” Trinny advised.

5 “Don’t be afraid of some subtle sexiness,” was another tip. This was shown in a Dries Van Noten embellished striped shirt which bared a little back – an unexpected, yet stylish tweak.

6 Trinny also told guests not to be afraid of altering an expensive item to make it more wearable. When styling the showstopping blue Solace London evening gown with statement cape sleeves, Trinny suggested she might shorten the sleeves. On trousers, she noted that getting the length right can make or break an outfit. “A longer trouser leg line, over the shoe, can look more expensive.”

7 Finally, often the simplest, most effective tweak involves the addition of the right lipstick. Trinny added Milly Lip2Cheek to the final exit – the Solace London evening dress – a gorgeous fuchsia pink, named after her assistant, Milly. See more about the beauty on the evening here.

Click into the gallery to see all of the looks:

Photography by Conor Healy / PictureIt Photography


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