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5 New Cookbooks to Refresh Your Summer Culinary Routine

From revolutionary vegetarian dishes to a modern take on desserts, these new cookbooks will revitalise your culinary skills this summer

Chef and food writer Alice Hart’s vibrant new recipes in The Magnificent Book of Vegetables make vegetables the heroes of the dinner hour. We’re now addicted to her Roast Tomato, Tarragon and Cre?me Fraiche Tart.

Anna Higham’s The Last Bite (she’s the pastry chef at the River Cafe?) includes recipes for cakes, tarts, jams, meringues and ice creams. She shares the fundamentals of accomplished desserts in an approachable style.

Ixta Belfrage was co-author of the bestselling Ottolenghi book Flavour and in Mezcla she draws on the culinary traditions of her childhood in Italy, Mexico, and Brazil.

Elena Silcock makes a convincing case for salads as centrepiece in her new recipe book Salads Are More Than Leaves. She suggests making three and serving them feast-style.

Vegetarians Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl’s Green Kitchen: Quick + Slow – the Danish duo have the Green Kitchen Stories blog – serve up recipes for busy days and others for slower cooking and entertaining at weekends.

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