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5 Breakfast Spots To Try This Weekend

Try something different this weekend with these unique and delicious breakfasts…and try to ignore the croissant conspiracy, you are beautiful no matter what you have for breakfast…

Leave it to pesky scientists to take every ounce of joy out of eating: we know that ultra-processed foods are the devil’s work but this really takes the biscuit. According to a piece published in The Guardian, researchers (in pastry-loving France of all places) found that people who ate “a breakfast rich in refined carbohydrates were rated less attractive than those who started the day with healthier unrefined carbs”. Mon dieu! In the interest of science, I will be trying some unique breakfast dishes over the coming weeks, sans refined carbs. Of course, I expect to look completely different after this experiment. Watch this space!

Day n Night, Dublin 1

Toasties and Ramen – two seemingly simple dishes but each can fall down so easily. On Great Denmark Street in Dublin, Day n Night serve a combination of the usual favourites (albeit with Korean toast) along with more unusual breakfast dishes such as beef bulgogi with fresh brioche, egg yolk, onions and premium beef bulgogi, served with homemade signature sauces. Go back after dark for ramen, Korean toasties and open crab and caviar sandwiches. www.daynnight.ie

Hydrabadi Kitchen, Dublin 2

Open seven days a week, from 9am – 11pm (12am) on weekends, Hydrabadi Kitchen serves South Indian breakfast, lunch, street food and dinner. Feast your eyes (and your appetite) on a selection of dosa, idli, medhu vada and more. Medhu vada are donut shaped breakfast fritters made from black lentil batter and various spices while idli, are steamed cakes, also made from fermented black lentils and rice. In my ideal world, every day would start with an egg dosa and a couple of medhu vadu and any place that gives me the option of having chicken curry for breakfast, is a place I can support. One can dream I suppose. www.hyderabadikitchen.ie

Ella’s Heaven Cafe & Bakery, Dublin 1

Pastries for breakfast is hardly a ground-breaking choice, but breakfast pastries from Georgian bakery and café, Ella’s Heaven is another story. Start your day with cheesy Turkish simit (a sesame seed encrusted circular bread), khachapuri, (fluffy, cheese filled bread) or pide (a leavened Turkish flat bread), topped with egg and cheese. Those blessed with a sweet tooth will be more than happy with the selection of cream filled concoctions that would convert even the most savoury specific. www.ellasheaven.ie

Brother Hubbard, Various Locations

Breakfast at Brother Hubbard is as close to a no brainer as it gets. No matter who you are going with, there is something for everyone. Meeting a vegan friend? The lentil bowl with harissa, roasted sprouts and herbs is the dish. A vegetarian? The Brunchy Eggs with hummus, roast squash, braised leeks, mushrooms, poached eggs, burnt butter and sage dressing, walnut dukkah, herbs on homemade Georgian sourdough is just the ticket. Feeling traditional? No problem, the bacon sandwich is the perfect choice. As for me, it’s got to be the The Chorizo Rarebit with slow cooked chorizo and espresso jam on homemade Georgian sourdough, topped with cheese sauce, a runny fried egg, pink pickled onions, served with tahini ‘slaw. See? It’s a no brainer. www.brotherhubbard.ie

Shi Wang Yun, Dublin 1

You Tiao, or deep fried dough stick in English, is just one of the breakfast options from Shi Wang Yun on Dublin’s Parnell Street. It comes served with soya milk, and there are meat buns and vegetarian platters too, along with other dishes to indulge in too. Open daily from 10am – 10pm, online reviews are mixed but I for one plan to investigate. You won’t find any cornflakes or Greek yogurt on the menu, but isn’t that the point? www.shiwangyun.ie


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