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New beauty arrivals

4 Luxurious New Beauty Arrivals To Indulge In If You Need a January Lift

We’ve seen lots of new launches for spring, and some of them are exciting. Here are four treats to indulge in for the new year …

Main featured image: Tory Burch SS22.


Estée Lauder’s Re-Nutriv was one of the first luxury face creams I ever tried, and I can still remember how surprising its pure luxuriousness felt, and how lovely it smelled. New for February comes the Supreme+ collection, with two options of day cream, depending on your skin and preference: a rich Crème and a more lightweight Soft Crème version also, €90 each. Featuring Lauder’s exclusive Moringa Extract, plus collagen complex. It’s a refillable 50ml pot within a larger glass jar, and is entirely recyclable. I love the cossetting feel of the rich version, though it is fragranced, which isn’t for everyone. It actually feels more like a face mask, and works well as an intensive moisturising treatment. I haven’t seen a full ingredients list for this yet, but the original does feature several silicones if that’s something you prefer to avoid; I think most of us check ingredients lists now anyway as a matter of course. NB Its predecessor, Revitalizing Supreme & Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Crème, is currently reduced to €78 at www.brownthomas.com.


On first sight, I thought the heart-shaped bullet might be a gimmick, but actually this Lancome goes on beautifully and the colour is really luxurious. Apparently there’s rose extract in there, which could explain the rather lovely violet taste of it, which reminds me of vintage-style sweets. Both this and the new Sisley lipsticks come in a little velvet pouch, which I feel is a bit superfluous, and doesn’t really add to the luxury feel – the lip colour is decadent enough in itself in both cases. In two shades, a bright red and a dark burgundy. €34 at Brown Thomas and Arnotts.


Alpha H Cleansing Balm launched last autumn but I’ve only just tried it out – and I’m really into it – the texture is incredible. I’ve tried a LOT of cleansing balms out, and find some just too solid, too hard to emulsify and remove and even waxy, leaving a residue on the skin. But this one smells insanely good and I put a little on as a lip balm after cleansing my face with it. It melts make-up and everything else off your face really gently, and I love the smell too, which comes from wild orange extract; there’s also sandalwood seed oil in there and hydrating bisabolol, an extract from chamomile that’s known for its calming properties. Leave it on longer for a hydrating face mask. It’s not cheap, but you only need a small (“grape-sized”) amount each time so it will last for ages. €41.95, available online at Cloud10.


La Mer isn’t accessible for everyone, clearly. There are many eye creams you can use that don’t cost over €200 (at Brown Thomas); I rate Sunday Riley Auto Correct (and their new 5 Stars for evening), or say Vichy Minéral89 Eyes, €20. But if you’re in a mood for indulging, this La Mer The Eye Concentrate is a luxury option. I usually find skincare applicator tools pretty useless and quickly discard them, but I love this little one as it feels really cooling around the eye area. La Mer have had good test results on dark circles, and I find this concentrated but not heavy balm does help to refresh and smooth the eye area, and help you look a little more rested and awake. If you’re travelling at any point, you can find it for a little less at The Loop, Dublin airport, €182.50.


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