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20 Saunas Around Ireland To Visit Over The Long Weekend

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Saunas have become a booming business in Ireland. There are hot boxes popping up all over the country and people are making sure to book in every weekend. Are we surprised? The health benefits of saunas are evident, and those who use saunas can feel it. They are proven to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and improve your overall mood, they also help to improve your cardiovascular health, longevity of life, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and other dementia related diseases, improve sleep, stimulate muscle recovery. Not to mention a visit just makes you feel good generally and socially. Of course, check in with your doctor if for any reason a sauna may not suit you.

Even though we are on an island, we city-dwellers don’t venture to the coast as often as we should and are therefore missing how beautiful and special it really is. But these sauna start-ups are celebrating the Irish coast by setting up shop on beaches and piers, and are creating little communities around them. This deserves our support – plus you will feel amazing afterwards and are definitely deserving of a big croissant, a win-win.

As far as long weekend plans go, taking yourself out for a swim and then heading to the sauna sounds like a pretty idyllic thing to do. Here is our list of saunas to try this weekend…

The Hot Box, Louth, Carlow, Meath, Sligo

Dan, Liam and Luke, the creators of The Hot Box sauna opened their first sauna at Bective Mill in Meath in 2021. Building it themselves and seeing it come to life and the interest it sparked made them decide to grow their business. They now have multiple locations and have the goal that wherever their sauna is, they want it to connect the power of the traditional sauna experience with the raw beauty of an Irish, sea or river. See here to book your sauna sit – with a guaranteed view – for the weekend. @thehotboxsauna www.thehotboxsauna.ie

The Swelter Shelter, Lough Hyne, West Cork

Based in the breathtaking surrounds of Lough Hyne in West Cork, The Swelter Shelter is a wonderful barrel sauna to take it easy after a busy week, de-stress and focus on some mindfulness – with a beautiful view to match. Open on Friday to Sunday. www.thesweltershelter.ie @thesweltershelter

Brandon Bay Sauna, Marahees, Co Kerry

Based in the stunning surroundings of the Maharees in Kerry, this beautiful wood-fired barrel sauna has gained quite the following. So much so, that they have now started a Sauna Club Membership programme for off-peak months, which means you are guaranteed a sauna session per week. You will feel refreshed and calm after a dip in the sea and a sprint up to this sauna. Keep an eye on their times on Instagram, they offer both evening and morning slots. @brandonbaysauna

The Hot Pod, Dungarvan, Kilmurrin Cove, Dunmore East, Guillamene’s, Newtown Cove, Co Waterford

With multiple locations around the county, you are bound to find one that works for you in lovely Waterford. Founders of The Hot Pod, Ed and Dee, are seriously passionate about the benefits of nature, the sea, and the outdoors for mental and physical wellbeing. They have brought the benefits of a sauna to their local sea swimming community. It is always a positive and social experience at The Hot Pod. Read more about them here; www.thehotpod.ie @thehotpod.ie

Skellig Sauna, Cuas Crom Beach, St Finian’s Bay, Ballinskelligs Beach, Co Kerry

Skellig Saunas are both box and barrel saunas that are based at different beaches along the beautiful coast of Kerry. You can sit and take in the incredible scenery around you as you relax, post-swim (or not if sea swimming isn’t for you). Skellig Sauna has created these spaces for relaxation, healing and bringing community together surrounded by nature. Sounds pretty idyllic if you ask us. If you are based in Kerry or are heading there this long weekend, be sure to look them up. www.skelligsauna.ie @skelligsauna

Saunos, Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Saunos have opened at the Wanderers F.C located in the lively neighbourhood of Ballsbridge. They have a relaxing and rejuvenating 8-10 person woodfire sauna and after feeling the benefits of the hot room, you can cool off in their chilly steel plunge pool – which look gorgeous, meanwhile enjoying the connectedness of the sauna community. Saunos are dedicated to all things well-being and are motivated to empower individuals through hot and cold therapy rituals. Take some time for yourself or with a friend this weekend and enjoy the R and R of their sauna experience – and it’s in Ballsbridge for all you Dublin locals. Recently visited by the Irish Rugby team – you will be well taken care of here. www.saunos.ie

West Cork Sauna aka The Balmy Barrel, multiple locations at Courtmacsherry, Schull, Red Strand, Kilcrohane, Zetland Pier, Blind Strand, Co Cork

This sauna is travelling around West Cork with stops at various locations, so be sure to keep an eye on the Instagram to book it when and where you can. Hosting sauna sessions at various hours of the day, from the early morning or in the middle of the night to look at the full moon – you are guaranteed a good vibe at the Balmy Barrel. @westcorksauna

The Outcast Sauna, Stoneybatter, Dublin

The ethos of The Outcast Sauna is rooted in a sense of community, where individuals from all walks of life can gather together, relax and get to know one another. Offering sauna services and cold plunges, their goal is to inspire and guide their visitors into physical vitality and mental clarity. The Outcast are all about feeling good and interacting with one another. Plus you can get an incredible bagel and a coffee afterwards from their food van. All in the one courtyard. Pay them a visit; www.outcastssauna.ie @outcastsdublin

The Sea Sauna, Tower Bay Beach, Portrane

The ancient traditions of wood-fired saunas meets the breathtaking beauty of Tower Bay Beach. After your refreshing swim, or before it, you can sit in the warmth of this sauna and gaze at the Irish Sea. This is a seriously serene experience to enjoy this long weekend. www.theseasauna.ie

Saltee Sauna, Kilmore Quay, Co Wexford

Offering both private and social sauna sessions, the Saltee Sauna is located at the little beach in the picturesque fishing village of Kilmore Quay in Wexford. Their expert unit was designed and crafted in Scandinavia – where saunas are a way of life. They have set out with the idea to bring saunas into Irish culture, which makes sense as we have the appropriate climate and landscape. They certainly have the right idea, as the sauna trend spreads across the country. The south facing sauna window has a unique view of Ireland’s Ancient East, and you can enjoy this as you sit amongst the Scandinavian Spruce which lines the interior walls throughout, and sit on the benches made of Aspen – which helps to keep you cool in the hot room. The exterior walls are made of Larch which make this sauna ready for all weather-types all year long. @salteesauna www.salteesauna.ie

Helios Sauna, Bray Seafront

After a chilly swim at Bray seafront, heating up in Helios sauna is the perfect antidote. There is a 30 second journey to the beach from the sauna according to owners Miko and Matt, so you won’t have a chill in your bones for too long. Kitted out with tote bags, sauna hats, plunge barrels (to really get the blood pumping) and two large barrel saunas, this spot is a great place to gather over the weekend – a few giggles are guaranteed. They now plan on opening very early so you can enjoy a sunrise sauna trip before your working day. @helios_sauna

Driftwood Sauna, An Spidéal, Co Galway

Follow your swim with a visit to the Driftwood wood-fired sauna (lovingly named ‘Ebony’). The panoramic privacy window connects you with the beautiful surroundings. The sauna seats up to six people and can be the perfect spot for a group gathering, or a private session when you just need a break from it all. www.driftwoodsauna.ie

The Sauna Society, Lough Ennell, Mullingar, Westmeath

An authentic Finnish wood-fired sauna, located on the shores of Lough Ennell. This is the perfect quiet spot to relax, rejuvenate and recharge after the hustle and bustle of a busy week. Have a refreshing lake swim beforehand. www.thesaunasociety.ie

Sandycove Store and Yard, Dún Laoighaire, Co Dublin

After a dip in the Forty Foot, take a short stroll up to the saunas at Sandycove’s Store and Yard. They are tucked behind the coffee and gardening shop at the front of the store, so walk right through and enjoy a low-key sauna stay. Private sessions are available from 30 minutes to an hour, with group slots available from ten people up to 20. Have your fresh swim, grab a coffee and pop in the sauna. Or take a dip in the hot tub! You will feel entirely refreshed after your excursions. www.saysaunas.com

Salt and Ember, Rossnowlagh Beach, Bundoran, Co Donegal

At the Boat Quay, Bundoran is the Salt and Ember sauna – a barrel sauna where you can sit inside and gaze out at the beautiful Bundoran coastline and feel refreshed with family and friends. Starting from €10 per person. @salt_and_ember

The Sweathouse, Renvyle, Connemara, Co Galway

If you’re in Renvyle over the Easter break, then The Sweathouse is the barrel for you. This is one to book in advance. The lovely people behind this sauna will bring it to you and leave it with you. Enjoy temperatures of between 50 and 90 degrees in the sauna, and then air-cooling or water-cooling when the heat gets too much. And just repeat. Booking allows you to use it for 50 minutes. Whether it is for family, a group of friends or others – booking a sauna will certainly bring everyone together.

Baginbun Beach, Co Wexford

The Sweathouse also operates around Wexford. Baginbun is a beautiful, sheltered cove with a sandy beach that is perfect for enthusiastic swimmers at this time of year. Located just outside Fethard, Co Wexford, it is a stunning location surrounded by picturesque cliffs. Those who take a cold dip can reward themselves with a trip to the Sweathouse Sauna which is located right on the beach. www.sweathouse.ie

Wild Wellness, Garrettstown, Co Cork

Promoting health and wellness, the Wild Wellness mobile sauna located at Garrettstown beach will inject you with good feeling and positive thoughts. With a terrific community surrounding them, booking a calming sea sweating experience is something you will not regret. Book here www.wildwellness.ie

Fad Saoil Sauna, The Cove Beach, Greystones, Co Wicklow

The Fad Saoil Saunas is a wood-burning sauna service operating at the seaside location of The Cove Beach in Greystones. The Sauna sessions are 30 to 45 minutes long at a temperature of 80-90 degrees. It is a warming, welcoming space to rock up into after your dip at The Cove. www.fadsaoilsaunas.ie

Restore Sauna Portmarnock at White Sands Hotel

Relax, recover and unwind at the Restore Sauna in Portmarnock, at the White Sands Hotel after a swim on the beach. A gorgeous barrel sauna available for walk-ins or bookings and for groups or private use. It is a fantastic place to recentre. Ice baths coming soon! @restore_dub

The Barrel Sauna, Rathgar, Greystones, Dublin

This sauna is perfect for all of the city dwellers who wish to stay dry. Although they do operate in Greystones as well, The Barrel Sauna have a location in Rathgar where one can approach from the street and simply rest, relax and reep the health benefits of a sauna sit. No swim needed. www.thebarrelsauna.ie


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