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2 years ago

10 Questions: Gina Miller on Brexit, Business and Bravery


Earlier this year when we invited transparency activist Gina Miller to speak at Look The Business 2019, she had already successfully challenged the British government’s right to exit the EU without parliamentary approval. It was a significant moment in history and she became a very prominent figure. Details of her life story began to emerge. This was a woman who had run an investment firm and her own philanthropic foundation, encouraging the ultra-rich to give back to society, but she had also faced personal adversity: racial prejudice, domestic violence, the struggle of being a single mother to a child with a disability, and at one point experiencing homelessness.

Then she mounted another incredible challenge, taking a supreme court case against the prorogation of parliament. Her success led to her being vilified. Gina Miller had “beaten Boris”. Go Fund Me campaigns to “take her out” were launched and the “toxic river of hate” meant she was frightened for her children’s safety.

As Britain prepares for the general election this week, Gina Miller speaks exclusively to THE GLOSS about how she deals with this toxic abuse, why she believes Britain should remain in the EU and why transparency is so important:

Rise: Life Lessons in Speaking Out, Standing Tall & Leading the Way by Gina Miller is out now.

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