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10 Modern Methods For Illuminating Your Kitchen Island

From low hanging pendants to under counter lighting, here are the top ten trending ways to illuminate your kitchen island

At the heart of the home and the hub of the kitchen lies the kitchen island. Bringing light into your kitchen is an important choice, this is the room where we spend most of our time gathering, cooking, working and relaxing. When planning what light fixtures to use, we need to consider the size of the kitchen,  the size of the island and our style. Are you a pendant person or are you here for the chandeliers? The right lighting for your kitchen island will set the right tone and atmosphere of the working space. Interior designers, kitchen designers and clients alike have become seriously creative with the methods they use for placing light over the island, but it can be hard to know where to start. Here is some inspiration for your kitchen illumination, with these trending top ten methods.


One of the most popular choices to light up your kitchen this year are pendant lights. Following the rule of three lights over the island commonly creates a seamless proportion. This Andrew Ryan kitchen is an industrial take on a classic kitchen. The combination of modern, inframe cabinetry with stainless steel appliances, including the pendant lights strikes a strong balance. They hang from a roof addition, furthering the industrial feel – however these lights have been hung quite high and therefore do not envelope the whole room. They feel light above the workspace but tie in aesthetically to the industrial aesthetic. www.andrewryan.ie


If pendant lighting is not your cup of tea, than a chandelier hanging over your kitchen island might be the option for you. On a practicality level, a chandelier only requires one light fighting…think of your electrician’s glee! Chandeliers are diverse as they can be used as a source of ambient light or it could be the sole light source. In this O’Connors of Drumleck kitchen, this decadent design is the perfect place for a glass chandelier. It has been placed in a roof niche creating an illusion of a higher ceiling and furthering the grandeur of the kitchen. The chandelier is the sole hanging feature which means the view around the kitchen is unobstructed. It is the perfect light addition to the rich cream cabinetry and dark marbled counter. www. oconnorsofdrumleck.ie


Lighting is important, but a really interesting addition to your kitchen and a focal point to the room is a show-stopping vintage piece. Depending on the design of the kitchen, a vintage or antique light fixture can tie everything together and completely finish the look. This oversized antique chandelier hangs low over the dining table and undeniably adds drama to the kitchen. If you do some digging you can have a one of a kind antique piece hanging in your home. Talk about a conversation starter! A little tip however is to always ensure, that the wiring is adaptable to the current voltage in your home.


Cone or dome pendants are a great, minimal way to place light over your kitchen island. Three lights strike a seamless balance over any island, but it is the spacing that is important. Pendants act as more direct or task lighting so they are a seriously practical source of light as well as looking modern in the kitchen space. In this Noel Dempsey kitchen, the copper cone pendants compliment the dark, navy cabinetry of the kitchen wall. If you have high ceilings, as seen here, it can be fun and aesthetic to courageously place the pendants at a low hanging level with a substantial length of exposed wiring. The open space has been filled delicately by these low hanging pendants, with no obstruction to the downward view of the kitchen. Cone pendants are completely interchangeable, available in glass, brass, metal and the hanging length can always be toyed with. www.noeldempsey.com


When looking for minimal, easy and effective lighting, recessed ceiling lighting is always an option. Recessed ceiling lighting can be incorporated cleverly through overhead vents or extractors as seen in this O’Connors of Drumleck kitchen. This modern kitchen showcases a low roof, with refined bespoke cabinetry and a source of natural light through the back door. The recessed lighting is crisp, minimal and inoffensive and does not obstruct the view through the kitchen to the backdoor. www.oconnorsofdrumleck.ie


If in doubt, build a skylight! If you are currently planning a kitchen extension or renovation a sky light can be the perfect way to incorporate natural light over your kitchen island. In this Rhatigan and Hick kitchen the natural light streams in from the skylight and garden window which cleverly compliments the dark kitchen cabinetry. Not only does the natural light save energy but it does elevate the room and dramatically enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen space. It can be pleasant, homely feeling to know the changing of the day in the place where we spend a lot of our time. www.rhatiganandhick.ie


Globe pendants have made a victorious return in kitchens and as well as other rooms of the house. The pendants offer a lovely illumination from the beautiful exterior of a sophisticated spherical light. The simple globe shape has the power to level up the look and feel of the space. These crisp white globe pendants add a modern glow over this kitchen island in this Rhatigan and Hick kitchen. The two tone kitchen has charming bespoke cabinetry but the globe pendant lights provide a functional and decorative feature in the centre of the kitchen. They are so versatile and can modernise any kitchen style. www.rhatiganandhick.ie


A singular fitted light fixture can be whatever you would like it to be, a statement piece or a functional light! In this Rhatigan and Hick industrial style kitchen, this brass light fixture compliments the industrial style stove and the colourway in the chairs and the window panes. This is a method that can really make your kitchen feel like yours. www.rhatiganandhick.ie


If you are not feeling the overhead lighting, why not illuminate your island counter from beneath. This is becoming an increasingly popular method of lighting your kitchen. As seen in this O’Connors of Drumleck kitchen, the under counter lighting helps illuminate the room in an understated way and can also create a tranquil ambience when other lights are turned off. www.oconnorsofdrumleck.ie


David Dempsey at Noel Dempsey design has incorporated this unique modern shelving unit in this sleek, modern kitchen. This unique overhead structure, contains lighting strips and acts as a functional storage spot for plants. It is a unique focal point for a kitchen, with stunning construction. The clever addition of the plants bring a lightness and feeling of nature to the kitchen. www.noeldempsey.com


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