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10 Brilliant Irish Beauty Products To Discover This Summer

Explore these brilliant homegrown beauty products – from old classics to new stars, it’s never been easier to support local businesses and buy Irish, without compromising on quality …

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Beauty’s coming home. My own shelf reflects the new focus: where designer labels once dominated, increasingly I’m using high-quality homegrown skincare – and discovering so many Irish gems. Choose Irish-made products this year and fill your summer beauty bag by supporting brilliant local brands. Below are just some of the standout products we’ve tried recently, from the return of our favourite natural deodorant to Irish seaweed soaps and the local haircare brand dedicated to scalp health, there’s simply a wealth of homegrown treasures to explore. Keep scrolling to shop our edit …


Modern Botany’s Natural Deodorant is back in stock, and we know many, many people (including ourselves) who are happy about this. Dawn Mayne of The Clean Beauty Edit website, tells us: “There’s a whole world of dedicated Modern Botany lovers who are thrilled to have the products available again. We often ship the brand’s trio of products to keen customers in the UK and the US, and a lot of men love them too.” The number of people who say that this is the only natural deodorant that works is astonishing. And it’s true. Full of beautiful all natural ingredients, from witch hazel to clove bud oil, it’s quite literally transparent – and most importantly, it works. It doubles as a body spray, comes in a recyclable glass bottle, and it smells great. When it comes to daily essentials, this should be top of your list. We’re hoping they will bring back the giant bottle so you can refill your 100ml bottle soon. €27, available in select pharmacies and online at www.modernbotany.com.


At a recent event, a GLOSS reader asked for recommendations of good Irish cleansers (until the Modern Botany Cleansing Balm makes a welcome return in September). If you prefer a cream formula, try The Burren Perfumery Calendula & Rose Cleanser (€22), which is certified organic and beautifully gentle to use. If you’d rather use a balm, I’d always recommend Nunaia’s black pot of beautiful, certified organic, ingredients, from calendula to almond and Sacha Inchi oil: the Superfood Cleansing Balm. Yes, it’s probably more than you’d usually spend on a cleanser, but it’s packed full of actives, and will last you an age; it’s also available in a mini travel set (€29) to take in your cabin baggage, along with the Nourishing Radiance Serum, Cleansing Balm and a cotton cloth. At www.nunaia.com, pharmacies nationwide and Avoca. 


Let’s also talk about cleansing cloths (or, if you’re old-school, flannels), to remove your cleanser with. Some of them are really scratchy! I’m not that wild on muslin cloths for removing cleanser with – I’d rather have something softer and more comforting. I really like Deirdre McSharry’s Le Nudie cleansing cloths (€24 for three) – they are really gentle, wash well (100 per cent certified organic cotton) and are ideal for sensitive skin; order on www.lenudie.com.

The other one I use is Skin Formulas’ Cleansing Mitt (€19) made from dual-layered bamboo. Again, it washes well, offering a luxurious take on a boring daily object www.skinformulas.ie.


It’s not for everyone, but we love a seaweed bath (ideally outdoors, somewhere like The Cliff House hotel). Mark Walton, co-founder of Voya, a brand that has used local seaweed for more than 17 years, says: “We continually learn about seaweed’s ever-increasing health and wellness benefits. For example, its natural anti-inflammatory properties can soothe the skin, while its rich iodine content supports thyroid health and reduces anxiety.” The Voya team handpicks seaweed off the coast of Sligo each week, with sustainability in mind. But not all seaweed is equal, says Walton. “Due to the nutrients swept up by our wild Atlantic Ocean, Ireland’s shoreline and reefs boast over 600 types of seaweed, each with unique benefits … I believe Irish seaweed is the best in the world.” Not everyone loves the green stuff in their bath, so the spearmint and rosemary soap with seaweed is another option; €18 at www.voya.ie.


The best Irish SPF, for my money, is Skingredients Skin Shield SPF50 – easy to wear, broad-spectrum and refillable. I like the peachy finish – skin looks good wearing it. A skin non-negotiable that’s hard to beat. You currently get a free refill with your Skin Shield (€57, 73ml) or refill, saving over €47; www.skingredients.com. Pestle & Mortar does a good facial SPF, too (€38, 50ml); it’s lovely to wear.


When it comes to lip colour, keep an eye out for Poco Beauty’s new lip glazes, in three shades. Made in Italy, they are €23 from www.pocobeauty.com. More colour products, including new cheek shades, have joined the popular Universal Glow Treatment SPF30 (€30), which is a great travel companion, delivering a tint along with protection. We love that the website features women with actual lines on their faces, as well as younger models. Yes guys, wrinkles are a real thing, and they’re not “imperfections” to be “erased” or airbrushed. Whoever insisted on this, thank you.

We’ve mentioned Hildun’s Silk to Set eyeliners before, but do try the Pecan and new Spiced Pecan shades, two delicious browns (€18; currently two for €29) www.hildunbeauty.com.


The Burren Perfumery’s new Néroli is – together with Cloon Keen’s exquisite Báinín – the scent of the season, both inside and outside Ireland, in my opinion. Both are created with great consideration, artistry and expertise, and stand up alongside scents priced three times as much. It is no sacrifice to support these brilliant local businesses. The Burren’s Sadie Chowen says: “I find that Néroli gives me a sense of wellbeing and an uplift. The Mimosa adds that very soft, gentle, powdery quality to the citrus.” She describes the delicate balancing act involved in creating this certified-natural fragrance, with its gorgeous bright, warm aura, via sunshine citrus notes and a combination of the leaves, flowers, fruit and bark of the bitter orange tree. “When I was working on it with Marianne [Nawrocki, master perfumer based in Grasse], it was fascinating to see how the slightest variation in a quality of one of the oils, such as the vanilla, changed the whole perfume; we tried three different types of Petitgrain in it and the result was so different each time.” www.burrenperfumery.com

See more about Irish perfumes here.


A handy one to pick up at Dublin airport, Una McGurk’s Seoulista Beauty Glossy Locks Hair Mask (€12) is a deep-conditioning hair mask designed to repair damage and restore shine. I’m not a huge face mask fan myself – I don’t like all the packaging – but Seoulista’s Instant Facials are popular, and this hair version is a handy travel option. At stockists nationwide; www.seoulistabeauty.com. 


Northern Irish founder Helen Reavey’s Act+Acre haircare range is focussed on scalp health. This is particularly relevant in the summer, due to UV damage. Try the sebum-balancing Scalp Renew (€50), a treatment targeting dandruff and scalp irritation. A smart designer range that looks good on the bathroom shelf. At Brown Thomas; www.brownthomas.com. 


There are a lot of tan brands devised in Ireland. But Ayu self-tans are actually made here too, and you can choose your format, whether mousse, lotion or tanning drops. All are vegan-friendly, prices are reasonable – from €14.50 – and packaging is plain. www.ayucosmetics.com. We’re intrigued to try out Ayu’s new under-eye concealer, too; €25 for 10ml.

For bronzer, try BYSK Souffle Bronzer (€26) from Irish make-up artist Sarah Keary. Made in Italy, it’s a cream bronzer with a mousse-like texture for an airbrushed finish. Apply sparingly, blend in well. Her new liquid eyeshadows (€13.50) are pretty too for summer, adding a reflective glow to eyelids. It’s easy to feel these products aren’t for us, though – it’s hard to spot a mature face in the brand’s marketing. Shame, as the creamy textures do work for older skin. www.sarahkeary.ie.

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