10 Reasons Not To Miss THE GLOSS Magazine Today

Our OCTOBER ISSUE is here and it’s a must-see for any WORKING WOMAN. Discover some of the GLOSSY FEATURES inside THE GLOSS Magazine October issue out today with The Irish Times …

1. Hunting & Gathering

Orange is the new black: bask in the glow of this autumnal shade

2. Moodboard

Susan Zelouf is questioning her loyalty and that of her friends

3. White Collar Worker

The ultimate multi-tasker; why a white shirt is your sartorial best friend

4. The Way You Wear It

Four women at the top of their game, reveal their corporate style CV

5. Scents of Occasion

Fierce and feminine are the top notes in perfume

6. An Autumn Wine Course

Plus an invitation to our Christmas wine dinner

7. Quick, Quick, Slow

Carl Honoré on work/life balance

8. This Glossy Life

Three women mix business with pleasure

9. Walk the Walk

Impeccable office wear: everything you need from wardrobe basics to key fashion pieces

10. The Well-Read Woman

Bookishness and bohemia is back. Time to start swotting up …

Don’t miss THE GLOSS Magazine today with The Irish Times …

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