Your Shortcut to Summer Entertaining

Let M&S provide the elements, while you round up your friends …

Cauliflower & potato salad, €4.70; Courgette & green bean salad €4.70; Aubergine & sweet potato salad, €4.70

When you’re cooking for a crowd in summer, without calling in the caterers, enlist all the help you can get. That means being very precise in asking for items friends might bring – there’s a big gap between a Cobb and a tabbouleh ‘salad’ for example. Mixing and matching bought and homemade by finding good deli shortcuts is always a good idea and M&S is your ally here, packing in flavour with its burger garnishes, taking away a lot of chopping and layering with its gorgeous dips (no one will know they aren’t ALL yours) and a lot of fiddly baking with its genius Bao Buns. Fill them with Irish smoked chicken, confit duck, add crunch and freshness with raw vegetables and let your guests choose the spice in an array of condiments.

Chilli & Coriander Prawn Bao

Warm through M&S ready-to-eat Chilli & Coriander King Prawns in a frying pan and heat Bao Buns. Serve with crushed avocado, a few fresh coriander leaves, a drizzle of mayo and a squeeze of lime. Finish and serve with black sesame seeds and fresh red chilli.

Check back in next Thursday when wine editor Mary Dowey will recommend her favourite rosés for summer parties.


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