How To Create The Perfect Winter Wardrobe

See how guest poster David Dempsey, of NOEL DEMPSEY DESIGN, solves the problems of BEDROOM CLUTTER and gives your wardrobe a FRESH START


“Are your clothes rails full-to-bursting, but you’ve still got “nothing to wear”? This is less of a reflection of your clothes and more of your wardrobe. If you can’t find anything, or you dread looking, it’s time for a comprehensive review of your storage options: the bespoke storage solutions we recommend give your wardrobe a fresh start, and allow you to edit and organise your clothes practically and luxuriously. Most bedrooms are less than ideal in terms of space but sleek, tailor-made, well-considered storage will create a sense of space, and will result in a bedroom that is a more ordered retreat, conducive to rest. With the trend for larger beds, it’s important to free up floor space, even in the tightest of bedrooms. Smart panelling, beautiful materials and well-designed interiors, built-in lighting and custom-made accessory storage, even integrated media device power points, will all create a sense of luxury. Options like “his and her” drawer fit-outs for personal storage, hanging rails that work for your height, long hanging for eveningwear, shoe and trouser racks, and accessible pull-out shelving should definitely be on your bedroom wishlist. Beautifully designed and built wardrobes will become a decorative feature in their own right – it’s so satisfying to be able to view your stuff at a glance and know that everything will slot into its perfectly designed spaces.”





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