Why Beauty Editor Sarah Halliwell Is Saying Goodbye To The Dye

We commit hours of our time, on a regular basis, not to mention countless euros, to LAYERING CHEMICAL DYES ON OUR HAIR. Are you tempted to GO NATURAL? …

Lipstick, powder and paint are fun, but the one thing we will not go without – our true desert island essential – is hair colour. We commit hours of our time, on a regular basis, not to mention countless euros, to layering chemical dyes on our hair. Some do it to experiment and change their look – we’re reliably informed that lemon yellow is the newest trend in colour – but most of us do it to cover up greys, and it’s a compulsory bit of maintenance that few of us really enjoy. A new book landed on my desk this month, Silver Hair A Handbook (Workman), encouraging us to “say goodbye to the dye”. And it’s timely, as I’m tentatively going that way myself, having been warned off by hairdressers for years (you need to ask a really honest stylist if it will suit you and your hair). After decades of colouring, slowly my hair is recovering condition as I lay off the dye, and Sinead at Dean Hickey has added a few highlights to brighten around the face while I transition from murky blonde to white; few of us can go the full Sarah Harris (above, see
@sarahharris for more inspiration) instantly. Regular trims help, as does good shampoo (I’m using Kérastase Aura Botanica because it’s silicone-free, and alleviates dryness); and I find a brighter lipstick and slightly warmer make-up is more necessary, so I don’t look 95. But really it’s not the big leap we all think – and if I find it draining further on, I’ll just slope back to the colourist. For now, I like the hours I have back, the brightness and healthiness of my own colour, and the freedom from something I hated doing.


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