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1 year ago

Why a Pre-Wedding Skincare Routine is So Important

Since I have been doing bridal make-up (about 800 years), I’ve found that brides are usually tied in to a skincare routine that gives incredible results – and yet is completely unrealistic when post-wedding normality returns. Most brides start a plan about 12 months before the wedding, with regular facials and astronomical skincare that would leave them bankrupt if it was the norm.

Is all that hard work really worth it for just one day? I don’t think so. If you have spent all that time and money getting your skin into great condition you should keep up at least some of your pre-wedding skincare routine. Continue having peels, for example – maybe less often, but at least one every three months, which is more than enough to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy while you return to a more sustainable routine at home. I do think that peels are the way to go for better skin health and texture. They are more active so you get plenty of bang for your buck. A course is generally recommended, and you’ll often get discounts. I always go to Renew Skin Clinic for mine where a peel with a mild to medium strength costs €95; €510 for a course of six. If you have any scarring or want a stronger peel (really only necessary if you have deeper lines), you’re looking at €170 per treatment or €610 for a course of four.

What you can do at home for your skin is use active products. In the past, most active ranges were science-based, with very few brands having a natural active ingredient. But with the rise of “clean” beauty, more and more brands are bringing out skincare that is both results-driven and natural – the best of both worlds. Eminence Skincare from Hungary is one of these brands. They grow the majority of their ingredients on their Hungarian farm so the carbon footprint stays low, yet their products are full of science. Their Clear Skin Willow Bark Exfoliating Peel is one of my absolute favourites as it reduces pore size and leaves your skin feeling clear, smooth and reenergised. Another brand I rate is Image Skincare; it is very prescriptive so you are best to have a consultation with a therapist to figure out which range is best for your skin. Although not a natural range, they do use naturally occurring ingredients to achieve the best results.

If budget is tight, there are some mega results-driven brands that are both affordable and perform incredibly well. La Roche-Posay have just launched their first retinol serum for sensitive skin; retinol is the best ingredient to help skin look and feel better. Normally people with delicate skin can’t use retinol as it can be too strong for them. Be sure to sure a broad-spectrum SPF with a minimum protection of 30 if using this product as it may make your skin hypersensitive to UV rays. €38 at Boots.

Getting your skin to the best it can be for your wedding is a great plan – but keeping it in that condition is a better one. Maintenance is easier than the expensive pre-wedding skincare marathon so make sure you don’t let all that great work go to waste.

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