What We Love About The Inkey List

Our lowdown on the skincare brand everyone’s talking about: only at ARNOTTS


WHAT: The name Inkey List is a play on the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients: that endless, often complicated, usually too tiny to read ingredients list that means little to all but the most informed (or fluent in Latin). This range aims to be your “translator”, keeping things simple, affordable and transparent. And it’s now available at the Arnotts Beauty Hub in the Arnotts Beauty Hall.

WHY: Why is everyone talking about it? As well as being appealingly straightforward, it’s affordable – there’s nothing over €11.99, with prices starting at €5.99. Why pay over €30 for well-known brands of rosehip oil when you can get a high-quality one (that’s paraben, fragrance and cruelty-free) for under a tenner?

HOW: Another aim is to cut through beauty jargon, rather than blind us with science. At a time when the sheer volume of beauty products can be overwhelming, we’re welcoming a pared-back, uncomplicated approach.

WHAT TO CHOOSE: My own first choice would be the Caffeine serum (€11.99), as I love the idea of an under-eye serum that’s antioxidant to reduce dark circles and puffiness with the immediacy of a morning espresso. It’s also a good way to try out ingredients that you’re intrigued by, without a big financial commitment, such as squalane, a naturally hydrating sustainable ingredient (derived from sugar cane), to hyaluronic acid (€5.99). I’m also trying the Zinc Oxide, an ingredient used as a mineral sunscreen barrier; €9.99 for an SPF30 is good going.

OUR TAKE: Lose your skincare notions. If you can manage without fancy packaging and skin serums and creams that smell amazing, this monochrome range is excellent for a matter-of-fact, no-nonsense approach to skincare, cutting out all the extras and focussing on what your skin actually needs.

The Inkey List is now available at the Arnotts Beauty Hub in the Arnotts Beauty Hall. www.arnotts.ie.

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