What I’m Wearing… The Perfume Glove Designer Paula Rowan Loves

Beauty editor SARAH HALLIWELL speaks to designer PAULA ROWAN about her SIGNATURE SCENT … 


I’m always interested to know what perfumes people are wearing. So many perfumes overpower, or don’t make an impression, so when you notice one, in a good way, I always want to find out more. I also wonder whether the change of seasons inspires people to switch their scent to match the different weather and mood. I was talking to the always-stylish glove designer Paula Rowan the other day and I was bowled over by how wonderful she smelled! So I asked her to tell us a bit about what she wears ….

“I tend to stick to what has now become my signature scent, Iris de Nuit eau de parfum by James Heeley. It’s a blend of iris and violets and is light and feathery so works for the summertime too. Heeley is a Parisian brand inspired by classical fragrances, but made with a modern twist, similar to my approach when designing gloves. Though I have several different fragrances I always seem to wear Iris de Nuit and have become recognised by my scent. Marija Aslimoska, the perfume expert who owns Parfumarija, walked into a restaurant once and knew I was there because of my scent; though I can’t smell it off myself, others certainly seem to.

Someone once gave me Autoportrait by Olfactive Studio: it’s vetiver and cedar based and, though I find it too heavy to wear as my own scent, I use it as a room spray which creates a warm and woody ambience. Sometimes I think that this scent lingers on my clothes, which is possibly why Iris de Nuit smells so distinctive on my skin.

I have also tried Journey by Amouage, which is quite an interesting leather-based scent – although I work with leather I am completely immune to the smell of it, so it’s always nice to be reminded. This fragrance is musky, deep and warm and is both masculine and feminine so could be a contender for the winter. I choose my scent based on whether or not I can smell it off myself – if I can I rule it out. So I think it’s the subtlety and delicacy of Iris de Nuit that I like.”


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