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6 days ago

What Can a Serum Do For You?


We asked a skin scientist to tell us straight …

This morning I chatted to Dr Ellie Bradley, No7 Skincare Expert and a fount of knowledge on all things skin-related – see our chat below. If you’ve ever wondered why a serum might be a good idea for your skin, all is explained in this short video – and more! Boots Ireland have just relaunched their bestselling No7 Core Serum range, a trio of clinically-proven products designed to help you achieve your best skin. And as a skin scientist, Dr Bradley can explain the benefits of a serum in your daily routine, and the key ingredients that really can help to give your skin a real boost.

Although most of us use a moisturiser, not everyone applies a serum. So why do we need one? And with so many different ones on the shelves now, how do we know which one will suit us best? As part of this campaign, we sent out serums to our beauty panel, The GLOSSiest, to see how they found using a serum as part of their regime for three to four weeks. Several testers were new to serums, saying they didn’t usually use one, or used one periodically; others are already dedicated to the benefits, with one tester saying “I always use a serum because my skin tends to be dry.”

There are three serums in the No7 core range: No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum, €35; No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Serum, €36; and No7 Restore & Renew Face & Neck Multi-Action Serum, €37.50. Each features ingredients known to support the skin when it comes to signs of ageing, from wrinkles to lack of firmness. And they’re all suitable for sensitive skin.

What makes No7 a specialist in the serums department? The clinically proven claims are a good place to start. More than 5,000 women have been involved in the testing of No7 serums across nearly 80 studies. Also, in the scientifically controlled clinical testing of these serums on more than 200 women, over 90 per cent achieved a visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. The serums contain powerful age-defying ingredients, from peptides to pro-retinol to hyaluronic acid, and are clinically proven to deliver results – and the longer you use them, the better those results are.

After our serums trial, more than 93 per cent of our panellists said the serum they tried would encourage them to use a serum daily. More than 82 per cent found it worked well under make-up and other skincare products, while 79 per cent would recommend the product to others.

Dr Bradley is keen to emphasise that you should follow your chosen No7 serum with moisturiser, if required, and crucially a daily SPF protection – since UV rays are responsible for some 80 per cent of skin ageing, it’s vital to protect your skin from future damage, every day – it’s the most important thing you can do for your face, and maximises the benefits of your skin-repairing serum. Try a broad-spectrum formula such as No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced BB Facial Sun Protection SPF50 (€19.95), a tinted face protector with added skincare ingredients.

And there are currently some great summer bundles available on www.Boots.ie, such as the No7 Summer Blockbuster Bundles, featuring all you need to prep, prime and protect your skin, from Naturally Sun Kissed gradual facial tan SPF15 to Lash Impact Waterproof Black mascara, all together in a Glow cosmetics bag (€67.50, was €75).

No7 Core Serums are available online at www.Boots.ie and in Boots Ireland stores nationwide. You can currently get 3 for 2 on selected skincare products (until 27th July 2021). Try the serums and share your feedback on @Boots.Ireland!


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