We’ve Tried Out Glossier Play: Here’s What We Would Buy – and Avoid

The lowdown on GLOSSIER PLAY, the new make-up collection from beauty giant Glossier. Here’s what we think is worth spending your cash on …


Glossier’s Boy Brow and Balm Dotcom are among the brand’s huge hits since Emily Weiss launched it in 2014. But this month they upped their make-up game with a new collection of fun, Studio 54-esque make-up, Glossier Play. We’ve been trying out the small but much-hyped first edit, which features gel eyeliners, liquid highlighters, lip lacquers and little pots of glitter gel.

I got sent a weird mustard-yellow Color Slide eyeliner, Nectar, which I can’t imagine looks good on anyone, really; I did wear it for testing purposes and like the texture a lot – it glides on and lasts – but to me it resembled nasty bruising around the eyes. Other shades – there are 14 in all, from magenta to metallic grey – are far more appealing. Great eyeliners are easy to come by everywhere now for less than a tenner (NYX, Catrice), so I was far more excited by the glitter gel. Tapping a bit of this instant glitter ball is easy, quick and satisfying, like jewellery for the eyelids, with its different-sized specks of glitter adding a glam dimension to eye make-up (I wouldn’t bother with the applicator, personally).

I like the Vinylic Lip lacquers – they are very similar to lacquers three times the price, and have a pleasing 3D effect. Lacquer and vinyl are always such tempting words for lip products. I tried candy-pink Blow-Up, which is a bit girly/sickly for me, but I do hanker after the rich plum and glossy caramel shades. They’re €16. Be aware you’re getting 2.5ml of product rather than regular gloss/lacquer size of 6ml (eg Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Luxe, priced accordingly at €49).

The Niteshine highlighter (in four shades, including pastel pink or copper) is cleverly presented in a tiny bottle (I thought it was a nail varnish at first glance) – so much of these products goes to waste, normally, and this is handy to carry around. I don’t think it’s as fabulously flattering as others I’ve tried (when will Bobbi Brown bring back their All Over Glow??); I find it a bit powdery and drying on my skin, but feel it would blend better on more oily skin.

The packaging is great (though the coloured-foil packets inside the boxes feel a bit extra, and not very eco-friendly); I love the retro font and, most sensibly, big colour blobs on the outside so you can see the inner shade. Overall, I don’t feel this first range quite has the “must-have” urge I get when I see tubes of Balm Dotcom (except perhaps the primary school-esque pencil sharpener) – but the look, quality and feel is characteristically high, and it’s not overpriced: everything is under €20.



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