We Tried Out This Smartphone for Seven Days and We’re Hooked …

Discover the features that stood out to digital editor Síomha Connolly as she trialled the brand new HUAWEI P30Pro for a week …


You’re only as good as your latest Instagram post – or so it would seem in this digital, social media-dominated world. The most sought after feature on a smartphone now is often its camera. Huawei have put it front and centre with their latest release in the P30 series – the P30Pro with its award-winning quad camera which rivals SLR cameras. Without going into all of the techy details (which you can read about here: Huawei.com/p30) these are the features that stood out to digital editor Síomha Connolly as she trialled the brand new device for one week.

The incredible camera

Given that the device was created in partnership with Leica, it’s no surprise that it has already been awarded the best smartphone camera on the market by DxOMark. Featuring four lenses – a 40MP camera with SuperSpectrum Sensor, a 20MP ultra-wide angle lens, 8MP telephoto camera with 5x optical zoom, and a new Time-of-Flight lens – the quad system allows you to capture SLR quality images on your smartphone.

New features to the P30Pro camera include a special night time mode which allows you to take clear images in pitch darkness, essentially transforming night into day – this is really quite impressive when you see the results. A superzoom that features 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom and 50x digital zoom allowing you to capture details that you never could before like a crisp, clear picture of the moon or a starry night sky. And a super portrait mode that captures even the tiniest details while adding a bokeh-style blurred effect to the background – normally for depth of field of this quality an SLR camera would be required.

Huawei has also introduced a RYYB (red-yellow-yellow-blue) sensor in place of the traditional RGGB (red-green-green-blue) sensor, as yellow sensors can reportedly capture twice as much light as green sensors resulting in better photos when the light is poor with no flash required.

The video quality

Shaky videos be gone! The Huawei P30 Pro features optical image stabilisation that will reportedly remove any trace of wobbles and shakes from both images and videos with no need for a tripod. As well as this, an upcoming upgrade will see a new dual-video mode introduced that allows you to use two of the rear cameras at the same time to record two videos simultaneously in different zooms and then view them side by side.

The wraparound screen

The P30Pro boasts a 6.4-inch display that stretches nearly edge-to-edge, with an in-display fingerprint scanner and a front camera nestled in the top centre. The wraparound screen is stylish while also allowing optimum visual effect, this is most evident when watching videos or indeed filming your own. It’s also comfortable to hold in the hand as there are no hard edges.

The battery life

When is the last time you made it through 24 hours without charging your phone? Smartphones are notorious for eating up battery, which is understandable given their multiple uses, but when you find a smartphone that can last two days with regular usage (phone calls, messaging, social media/internet browsing – yes, we found it hard to believe too) you shout about it. It’s a gamechanger not having to carry a charger with you everywhere in FOBD (Fear Of Battery Dying!).

The Huawei P30 Pro also offers a super-fast charge, getting you up to 70% charge in 30 minutes as well as reverse wireless charging with its Powershare feature which allows you to charge other devices, including non-Huawei products including electric toothbrushes, Apple Airpods, electric razors and other smartphones.. This is particularly handy when travelling as it saves you bringing multiple chargers and wires.

The Huawei P30 and P30Pro are available in Ireland from today, Friday April 5. Available in Black and Breathing Crystal, prices start from €999 for the P30Pro.

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