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3 years ago

Waxing Lyrical: We Have Something Positive to Say About Sugar


Looking for a less painful ALTERNATIVE TO WAXING? We’ve found a SUGARING SPECIALIST in Dublin who you’re going to want to visit …


We have a new addition to our beauty Little Black Book – a sugaring specialist. If you choose to remove hair from legs etc, and submit to waxing but with some reluctance, we’ve come across a great alternative. While it’s not by any means a new method of hair removal – it’s been used since ancient times – sugaring is not as common as waxing. But having tried it, we’re not sure why. On a friend’s recommendation we went to Michele Jameson, based on Leopardstown Road; also a yoga teacher, Michele trained in Germany and has been in business here since early this year. Sugaring involves a warm (as opposed to hot) paste of water, sugar and lemon which attaches only to the hair itself, so that you’re not pulling at the skin. You’re removing hair at the root, explains Michele, and in the direction of growth, so you’re less likely to get ingrown hairs, plus it’s less harsh and potentially irritating on the skin; many clients use it for facial hair. She also has several male clients. We can testify that there’s no stripping feeling, it’s quick and feels more gentle than waxing, and we don’t miss the too-hot wax feeling. Notably, there’s no redness afterwards and skin feels smooth afterwards. We’re converts and will certainly be returning – highly recommended. Finally, some positive press for sugar …

Michele Jameson at Elysian Therapy, 1st Floor, The Mart, Leopardstown Road, Dublin 18; 083 0030002; www.sugarbare.ie.

Sarah Halliwell

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