Try This Smoky, Spicy Kale With Gubbeen Lardons & Ardsallagh Goat’s Cheese

Food editor TRISH DESEINE prepares a dish with her local GUBBEEN bacon lardons …


Smoky, spicy kale with Gubbeen lardons & Ardsallagh goat’s cheese.

Gubbeen’s bacon lardons, all plump and herb scented, are vastly superior to the peely-wally versions I am used to in France. What’s more, they are made just a stone’s throw from our home so it seems rude not to give ourselves this little porky treat from time to time.

If you can’t find Ardsallagh, or are looking for a cheaper option, use any creamy goats cheese or even mozzarella to calm the fiery chile. But feta would be a little too salty alongside the lardons.

For 2 / 20 minutes cooking

3 to 4 good handfuls of kale

75g bacon lardons

Olive oil

A dozen or so cherry tomatoes, halved

Smoked chile paste (or smoked paprika)

50g creamy cheese

Flat leaf parsley to garnish

Steam or blanche the kale until it’s softened. Pull the softer leaves off the stems. (Chop and add them to the pan with the lardons if you like.)

Fry the lardons until they start to brown then add the tomatoes and a little olive oil. Let them fry a little before stirring in a teaspoon of smoked chile paste.

Swoosh that around quickly – you want the paste evenly distributed but you don’t want to squash the tomatoes too much.

Add the kale, cook for a minute or so and stir.

Crumble over the cheese, season with pepper – no need for salt – garnish with flat leaf parsley and serve.


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