Trish Deseine’s Raspberry and Honey Ice Cream with Strawberry Sauce

Food editor TRISH DESEINE shares a simple recipe for homemade ice cream to help cool us down as temperatures rise …


I’m bordering on a nougat glacé with this recipe – I’ve used gorgeous raw Beara honey and mixed peel to sweeten the mixture and give an interesting texture. You could mix and freeze the ingredients without an ice cream machine but there are some great ones at reasonable prices now. It’s well worth making room in your kitchen.

For 4-6. 25 minutes

500ml double cream

3 – 4 tablespoons well-flavoured honey

250g nicely ripened raspberries

50g chopped mixed peel

150g strawberries, hulled

Meringues or small biscuits to serve

Mash the raspberries, leaving some pieces.

Put them with the cream and the honey into the ice cream machine and churn for 20 minutes or until your machine is ready. You might need to halve the quantities or make two batches if your machine is too small for the entire amount.

Blitz the strawberries into a sauce and reserve. No need to sweeten them.

Add the peel in the final turns, then serve with little meringues and the sauce immediately when the texture is best, or store away in the freezer for later.


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