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2 months ago

To Think Again With Volvo: Suzie McAdam, Interior Designer


Interior designer Suzie McAdam on her design philosophy, her favourite journey and why she loves her Volvo XC60 …

Your current state of mind? Grateful. I am aware of how fortunate we are to be able to spend time together as a family, when so many can’t. If not interior design, what occupation would you choose? I’d love to be an antiques dealer. I imagine myself in a mysterious store in the Rue des Rosiers, like the antiquarian in Lupin. Your design philosophy? To bring care and thought and consideration and joy to a home. Interior design is a powerful tool in achieving that.

What does “to think again” mean to you? It means to reconsider, to stop and reflect on how our decisions impact on others. Why do you think “omtanke” (considerateness) is the new “hygge”? We have all learned to appreciate what is around us and how our decisions impact on others. Lockdown has facilitated a real sense of community – with neighbours, friends, clients, people I work with. I think we want to share more, be more empathetic.

The trait you admire in others? Humour. I find myself drawn to people with wit – they bring so much happiness to others. The trait you deplore? Aloofness. Coldness. By that I mean those people who withhold engagement – not those who are naturally reserved or introvert. I appreciate people who are willing to be interested, who give everybody time.

Your greatest extravagance? The marble bathtub I designed for my house. When you are renovating, there are so many hidden costs – lots of money spent on things that you never see. It was lavish of me, Cleopatra-ish! But I do use it every day and it will outlast me. How do you enjoy nature? Sea swimming, hiking in Co Wicklow, taking Mischko, our Samoyed, to places where we can roam.

Your favourite journey? A section of road on the way to Lough Dan. You go into the heart of what seems like a shaded enchanted woodland, with a stream, and you hear the water rushing and you roll down the windows of the car and it’s just magic.

The quality you most admire in a car? Safety first, then design. It used to be the other way round but when our baby was born in the first lockdown, protecting him became paramount. I genuinely relax knowing that this aspect of my Volvo is second to none.

Electric or diesel, solar or oil? Electric. I drive a hybrid XC60 but to be honest I primarily use the electric – it’s incredible. I have installed charging points at home and at work. I also converted the house to an air to water system, all electric, though I do cook on gas. I have moved as far away as possible from using fossil fuels. Values you hold dear? Authenticity. Being true to oneself. Being kind to others. What is your motto, the words you live by? Life is short, live your best life. To me that means I take every opportunity to make every moment better.


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