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4 weeks ago

To Think Again with Volvo: Amy Huberman, Actor and Writer


Actor and writer Amy Huberman on her favourite journey, her current state of mind, and why she’s switching to Hybrid with Volvo …

What is your current state of mind? Gratitude that my friends and family have been well, touch wood. Priorities have shifted so much in the last year and I am grateful for the simple things, for health, for being in the now as much as is possible, and managing expectation. That and a large dose of baby brain and not knowing what day it is or if I have put the milk back in the oven or the fridge. What is your favourite occupation? Writing and acting are like two children I love equally and can’t possibly choose between. Just when one is whispering “Go on, admit it; I’m your favourite”, I get pulled towards the other all over again. What is your design philosophy? I’m drawn to vintage quirky pieces. I adore old tiles, plates, wallpaper prints and old mahogany furniture. There was an original claw tub in our house when we moved that was literally on its last claw legs and I loved restoring it and giving it a makeover. I managed to save the taps and then painted it pink. But I do also love the juxtaposition of antique pieces and aesthetics with cleaner fresh lines.

Why do you think “omtanke” (considerateness) is the new “hygge”? I think lockdown has filtered out so much unnecessary noise and extras; it has crystallised the basics of ‘happy’ and appreciation. It has come with a stress and anxiety unprecedented in our time, but I think the flip side of this has been a community of compassion and empathy and appreciation for freedom and agency. Having said that, I can’t wait for life to return to some form of normality, but hopefully we can take the good we’ve learned along the way with us. What is your most treasured possession? A sense of home, separate to the actual house. The feeling of security and safety; I know I feel so much more grateful for that now during a time that has been so stressful for everyone with so much uncertainty. Spending so much time with my family at home has been one silver lining in a truly scary time. Listen, there are days where there’s too much time and on those days I’m grateful that I possess a lock on the bathroom door for a soak and a mental unwind in the restored antique (the bath not me. But also me.)

What does thinking again mean to you? Not just jumping for the gain of short term gratification because it’s easier in the moment; thinking about the bigger picture and exercising consideration for longer term rewards. What is the trait you admire in others? Loyalty, integrity and a sense of fun and joie de vivre. What is the trait you deplore in others? The word that I can never pronounce properly: schadenfreude, the pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune. Life is too short; live and let live, with compassion. Life is tough at different times for different people. Most people are doing and trying their best.

What is your greatest extravagance? Clothes. I’m committed to investing in a wardrobe that lasts. This however means I NEED to spend more money now, don’t I?! And maybe that’s just me exercising my “omtanke” for the future and sustainability? Voila! Great, I’ll go online tonight and look at some investment piece summer dresses. It will also help forge my ongoing friendship with our lovely delivery man which is very “omtanke” of myself.

What is your favourite journey? It’s not really that far but it’s driving home to my Mum. When we are allowed travel a little bit further, I will look forward to that so much. I miss my friends and family so much. Further afield I love the familiar drive to Wexford, through Wicklow. We’ve been doing that journey since I was a kid and we go there now with my own kids. Heading to the beach for the day to enjoy four seasons in one afternoon of tired worn out fun is something I have my fingers crossed for soon.

What is the quality you most admire in a car? Safety. It’s become paramount since having children. The Volvo XC90 has so many incredible safety features which is such a great comfort with little ones. Electric or diesel, solar or oil? When we moved house two years ago we made sure to put an electric charger in the garden and I’m so glad we did. For the school run and the trips to the supermarket, the car runs entirely on electricity which is fantastic.

What values do you hold dear? Empathy, kindness and compassion. What is your motto, the words you live by or that mean a lot to you? We really are here for such a short time. I remind myself of that when I get caught up in the minutiae of things or fear of the unknown. Perspective is everything. I would rather try something even if it’s scary rather than have the regret of not doing it because it was out of my comfort zone.

How best do you like to enjoy nature and the outdoors? I don’t think I’ve ever had such an appreciation for nature than I have in the last year. A walk with the dog listening to a podcast or an audiobook and looking at peoples’ gardens on the way has become a daily outlet. And when we can go further; a drive to the seaside for a 99 and a bag of chips.


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