Three of the Best Scents That Bring Us Summer – Even When It’s Raining in July

Pretend it’s a proper summer with these light, bright and brilliant fragrances, says beauty editor SARAH HALLIWELL


It’s miserable outside, no question. But these three scents are sunny, subtle and uplifting all at once, and help us to ignore the fact that it’s raining in July …

1. This morning on impulse I sprayed Chanel No 19 eau de perfume (I have the Poudre version created in 2011 by the wondrous Jacques Polge; the original dates back to 1970, the year before Coco Chanel died). While Chanel’s Eaux scents, in their beautiful curved bottles, are summer personified, No 19 Poudre is a bit of an unsung hero. It captures the fabulous smokiness, wet streets and light of Paris with bright green notes, cool iris and jasmine. It’s perfectly fresh and light yet alluring. The epitome of classy, without being overly dressy, it transports you directly to the heart of the Marais … €89, at counters nationwide.

2. Margiela Replica Under the Lemon Trees eau de toilette is a sparkling take on citrus – it’s light and bright like a cologne (though not at a cologne price, it’s true). It’s the scent equivalent of a SAD light, or an icy glass of lemonade, with an uplifting fizziness and sparkle. Hits of coriander and cedar wood add texture. €110 at Brown Thomas.

3. Molton Brown Suede Orris Hair Mist. Molton Brown might not seem an obvious choice for an interesting scent, but their scents are actually a high-street insider secret; for this collection, they have worked with Jérôme di Marino, the rising star perfumer behind scents for Kurkdjian, Carven and others. He explains how this fragrance came from his private collection: “rich pure orris absolute is wrapped in a soft, smooth suede caress, for a quietly confident scent.” The only downside is the price – €60, which is a lot for a hair mist. But there’s something lovely and subtle about wearing scent this way, and a bottle lasts for ages. To get the gist for less, try the body lotion (€31). At Molton Brown, 80 Grafton Street, Dublin 2 and nationwide.


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