Three New Books For Home Lovers

GARDENING, ARCHITECTURE and INTERIORS, there’s a new book for every interest …


This is Home: Design for a Cozy Life by Aimee Lagos and Christiana Coop, Chronicle Books, €29

Hygge & West is a popular American design company co-founded by the authors of This is Home, who have first-hand knowledge of the 20 homes profiled. From an apartment in San Francisco to a colourful oasis in Brooklyn, they show the key to making a home is in its decoration. Tips from the homeowners and designers as well as achievable interiors, make this an inspiring read.

You Should Have Been Here Last Week: Sharp Cuttings From a Garden Writer, Tim Richardson, Pimpernel, €11

Opinionated, self-assured and witty, garden critic, historian and critic Tim Richardson’s collection of lively articles are as entertaining as they are stimulating, even for amateur gardeners.


Described as part polemic, part poem in Living with Buildings: Heath & Architecture, Profile Books, €17, Ian Sinclair embarks on a series of journeys through London, Marseilles, the Outer Hebrides and Sweden, to explore the relationship between sickness and structure. He investigates the connection between art, architecture, social planning and health and considers the places we choose to live absorb our histories, leaving traces for future generations to read.

Penny McCormick

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