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This Website Has the Best Antique and Salvaged Furniture


If you’re looking for interesting interiors items, Bailey Gibson salvage yard has always been a treat. Before its move (since September 30, Bailey Gibson has operated from new larger premises at Corban’s Lane, Naas, Co Kildare), Siobhan Burke’s Mosa Studio was based in the yard and always proved a beautifully styled high point. Though Burke hasn’t moved to Naas, she will continue to source unique and eye-catching pieces of antique and salvaged furniture and accessories for her website. On a recent visit, we came away with spearmint green bedside tables that Burke tells us are featuring in an upcoming Blake Lively film (see below). We asked about her tips and favourite finds when shopping salvage…

Background: After a fashion degree at NCAD, Burke worked with designers such as Paul Costelloe and John Rocha before studying interior architecture at Parsons in New York. She worked as a fashion buyer for Penneys back in Ireland from 2005, and worked as a freelance interior designer, setting up her online sourcing service and studio Mosa in 2016. Burke now works with various private commercial clients around the world.

Clientele: “Clients that come into BG Salvage include interior designers, architects, set decorators, restaurateurs and bar owners as well as general home owners, and they are constantly looking for something new and some creative niche pieces. Since starting Mosa Studio, I have met and worked with a vast array of clients and seen many bars and restaurants adorned with Mosa pieces, which is always very exciting. One of my favourite surprise visits was from a famous set decorator working on a high-profile movie which will be released in Ireland next year with Blake Lively and Jude Law; I brought himself and his team on the sourcing trip with me, shipping a container of interesting pieces back for the movie. I loved being part of this and seeing the sets being transformed with our finds.”

Location: “I’ll miss being based at Gibson’s yard – it has been the perfect unique setting for my finds – it inspired people to see how salvage and reclaimed pieces could be incorporated into unique interior settings, whilst being in the setting of a salvage yard. I am fortunate that I have always allowed myself buy what appeals to my eye rather than its commercial value, and being based in BG has allowed me that luxury.” Burke is keeping an eye out for a suitable new base.

Sourcing: “My rule of thumb when sourcing has always been to buy what attracts my eye, never how practical it is! Colour, shape and the history behind it are what draws. I am lucky to have acquired a client base that appreciate that and trust my eye and will consult with me on any new projects and check in with me after each trip to see what interesting new finds I have. Many feel they make the trips with me as I am sending them photos along the way and some will order there and then off the photos. I am very lucky to have built up great relationships with many salvage hunters on my trips who travel far and wide sourcing from as far as Indonesia, Egypt and India, as well as Eastern Europe for a whole different style. And as they have gotten to know my style they will keep me posted on what’s new and interesting based on knowing what I like.”

Custom creations: “I also collaborate with local craftsmen for ideas of my own, again if I see something that attracts my eye, whether it be a rusted old window or the glass pavement vault cover. I like to work with welders, carpenters and glass experts to create, doors, mirrors – my dream would be to have a workshop filled with craftsmen making my creations as I thought of them.”

Currently popular: “Glass lighting has become extremely popular and the array that I can source from Eastern Europe is amazing, including stunning chandeliers with Kinkeldey and Murano glass, and stunning lights reclaimed from theatres and hotels. I love the fact that these are out of trend in one part of the world and totally hip in another. I like the fact that these high-end pieces sit with a €25 wooden brick mould from India that looks equally as unique. I feel very passionate about this type of interior styling, mixing delicate glass pieces with industrial metal and wood pieces.”

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“I love creating settings of my new pieces in the studio in order to show how these pieces can be used to create unique interiors – for example, some large industrial convex tram mirrors straight from the stations in Prague are transformed when hung on modern skimmed walls; and street lights from Paris are recreated into glittering chandeliers. I love to think of these historical pieces been given new life, made into a new feature, and saved most likely from a skip.”




These 1960s Ludvik Volak designed divides were reclaimed from a hotel in Czech Republic. “I originally brought a quantity in for a movie but have had to source more as they are so popular, both for the distinctive geometric bentwood design and the history and value that is attached to these. I love seeing how clients use them in different ways to create very unique spaces.”


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