This Is The Way To Wear Scent This Summer: Meet The Modern Body Spray

Beauty editor SARAH HALLIWELL shares the best BODY SPRAYS to try this summer …

Jo Malone in action last month on a visit to Dublin

We tend to choose lighter scents at this time of year – citrus, floral or cologne blends that feel fresh and bright to wear. And this spring we’re seeing a trend for body sprays, that you can blast on with abandon – they’re a more accessible price point than ‘full strength’ perfumes, and you can wear them on hair, arms and collarbone rather than just on your neck and wrists.


1 Jo Loves, perfumer Jo Malone’s adventurous fragrance collection (now available at SpaceNK in Dublin), launches a set of Fragrance Body Sprays in June: we’ve been spraying Grapefruit like no tomorrow and you can’t quite get enough of it; there’s also Tuberose, Fig and Vetiver to try, or wear a combination. £40stg at

2 If you’ve ever found No5 a little intense for the office, Chanel N°5 L’Eau – the most light and elegant take on the classic fragrance – is the ultimate daytime version. And for summer there’s a new limited-edition All-Over-Spray version. There’s something liberating about spraying a Chanel mist with abandon – plus this is a more affordable way to invest in the scent. Use it on hair and body and throw it in your travel bag (and note that there’s also a hand cream in No5 L’Eau, in equally travel-friendly oval white packaging – these will FLY out of store). €58, at counters nationwide, from May 4.



3 Jo Malone London‘s Tropical Cattelya Orchid Body Mist is a floral, beachy scent, sunny and refreshing. A sunny exotic floral, it’s light and refreshing, and the bottle is seriously eye-catching. €54 at counters nationwide, from May.

4 Modern Botany is a brilliant Irish brand, with seriously impressive values, integrity and ethos, not to mention quality. Try their beautiful natural oil – a multitasker for face, body, hair and beyond – and you’ll see what we mean. Their new deodorant, which doubles as a body spray, is entirely natural, vegan, cruelty-free and – most importantly – effective, even when exercising. We tested it through three sets of tennis and it really is surprisingly effective, and smells great too, with all its flower and plant oils, carefully selected by plant expert Dr Simon Jackson. Find it at pharmacies nationwide and online.


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