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2 weeks ago

This is the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe – For Your Skin


No7 Advanced Ingredients is a new collection of single dose skincare boosters designed to target specific skin needs …

More than ever, we want skincare that works hard for our skin – and that means scientifically proven ingredients such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and peptides.

New at Boots Ireland is No7 Advanced Ingredients, a collection of four skin boosters that focus on the “big hitters”, ingredients we know to work. Each pot focusses on a different star ingredient, and contains 30 capsules – an incredibly neat and efficient delivery system (€26.50, available now at and Boots stores nationwide).

During lockdown, many of us have spent more time on skincare, which is a good thing – but it can also mean overdoing it, at times, and we can fall into the trap of overloading our skin with too many ingredients and too much product.

Which is where No7 Advanced Ingredients capsules come in. It’s the perfect delivery system: each capsule gives you a perfectly measured amount of product, so you’re getting the optimal dose of active ingredients. And since the capsules are sealed against the damaging effects of light and air, unlike a jar or pot, the ingredients are fresh and potent. It’s also about convenience. They are very travel-friendly – so as soon as we’re allowed to leave home again, we’ll be taking these with us.

Let’s start with No7 Advanced Ingredients Hyaluronic Acid & Camellia Oil. Most of us are using hyaluronic acid in our skincare routine by now, as it’s known to attract moisture, working like a sponge. These capsules are formulated with different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to deliver instant and long-lasting hydration. And this makes them ideal if you’re looking to plump and smooth your skin; camellia oil is a natural source of antioxidants, so it’s nourishing for the skin and helps to improve elasticity, while being very light and non-greasy.

No7 Advanced Ingredients Vitamin C & Vitamin E is the capsule choice for those of us lacking a glow – in Boots’ studies, testers found that a month of use resulted in more radiant-looking skin, while all 30 women in the study found the appearance of dark spots was reduced in four weeks of use. This is due to the potent combination of two key skincare ingredients, vitamin E and 20 per cent vitamin C – a really high dose. So these capsules are all about brightness, getting a glow back and evening out the complexion, and you should use them as part of your evening routine.

The Ceramide & Peptides capsules are proven to help skin feel firmer and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. These capsules feature a “power duo”; in studies, testers found their skin more supple and firm after four weeks’ use. Those with mature skin will especially benefit from adding these boosters to their routine.

Last but not least, No7 Advanced Ingredients Squalane capsules contain just one single ingredient – 100 per cent plant-derived Squalane, an ingredient proven to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier and help to prevent trans-epidermal water loss (when water passes from the dermis through the epidermis and evaporates into the air). So skin will feel softer, smoother and nourished. There aren’t many pure squalane products on the market, and this is a great option for all skin types.


What’s the best way to add No7 Advanced Ingredients to your skin routine? Apply to the face and neck each day on cleansed skin. After applying your choice of capsule, follow with your favourite No7 serum – at the moment ours is No7 Laboratories Line Correcting Booster Serum, to deal with “lockdown lines” – and moisturiser, not forgetting your SPF.

If you would like more advice about which capsules to choose, why not book in for a free phone or video consultation with an expert No7 advisor, who can give you more information and help you choose what you need:

Boots Ireland No7 Advanced Ingredients Single Dose Skincare Boosters are available now at and at Boots stores nationwide, €26.50 for 30 capsules. They are included in the Boots Ireland 3 for 2 offer, ends 4th May. Cheapest product free and exclusions apply.


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