The Smartest Red Bargain You May Come Across This Winter

Wine editor MARY DOWEY selects an Australian classic as her bottle of the week …

D’Arrys Original Shiraz-Grenache, McLaren Vale, D’Arenberg 2015

Think how handy it would be if you could find one delicious red wine to suit the Christmas dinner, posh up that party you’re planning for the neighbours and fill five gaps in your gift list. You’d want it to come from an acclaimed producer, naturally. You’d love it to be on special offer. Pay attention because D’Arrys Original Shiraz-Grenache 2015 ticks every one of those boxes. 

First things first: the style of this Australian classic. It’s smooth, juicy and moreish, tasting of luscious berries with subtle overtones of coffee, spice and freshly turned earth. As it’s not too tannic, it can be enjoyed by itself or with all sorts of different foods, the dreaded turkey and ham included. It even slips down accommodatingly with red-hot Asian dishes.

Now for a bit of background. Based in McLaren Vale south of Adelaide since 1912, D’Arenberg is one of Australia’s most highly regarded wine estates. Run by the Osborn family for four generations, it uses old-fashioned techniques in a very deliberate way to produce wines whose quality shines out at every price point.

During fermentation of all of the reds, for example, the grapes are trodden by foot for gentle extraction of their tannins. Later they are pressed in the kind of old-style basket presses which are now back in vogue, but which D’Arenberg held on to when other wineries were ditching theirs a few decades ago. D’Arenberg’s vineyards are all organic with some biodynamic practices – not that common in Australian viticulture and a definite plus. 

As the for the price, with €6 knocked off this month and next it’s a steal. And please don’t be put off by the screwcap. Some of the finest wines in the world are bottled under screwcap these days so that the wine stays fresher with no risk of cork taint. 

Alcohol: 14.5%

From O’Briens outlets, down from €21.95 to €15.95 during November and December.


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