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The One Thing You Should Change In Your Home in 2022

It’s all about light, warmth and comfort …

The new year always brings an urge to hit reset, particularly on our home lives. The first port of call is usually a fresh lick of paint. “Now that 2022 has arrived we are more than ready to leave the last two years behind us and bring optimism and hope back in to our spaces. We all want to give our homes a facelift – we have been holed up for too long and ready for a refresh,” says interior designer Eilish Rickard (Instagram @eilishrickardinteriors). 

It doesn’t take much to realise when you’re frustrated with your space. What happens next – however – is where it can get a bit confusing. The barrage of trendy interiors and the unfettered amount of inspiration available to us through Instagram and Pinterest boards means sometimes the biggest problem is that you have too many options. If you were to focus on just one thing right now, Rickard says, it should be maximising light during these dull January days. 

Main image: Standing Tall, a saturated grey with sage undertones, by Colourtrend.

“One of the best ways to bring a sense of happiness into our homes is through the use of natural light. We are starved of natural light during these dark and dreary months so we need to maximise it during those few hours,” Rickard says. Choose a paint colour that will offer that. And don’t welch on accessories. “Smart placement of mirrors will reflect and maximise the natural light in a room. Pull back your curtains!” Rickard says. “You will be surprised how much light your curtains are still blocking when fully open, push them right back or get tie-backs.” Once the evening comes, it’s about maximising cosiness. “Focus on mood lighting with glowing lamps everywhere. Avoid stark ceiling lighting unless they are on a dimmer.”

Treacle Pudding by Coloutrend is a warm gold with hints of toffee that will inject cosiness into a space. 

Warmth is key, too. While the last few years Irish home owners have embraced the coolness of Scandinavian tones, there is a sea change afoot says Edel Nicholson, Head of Marketing at Colourtrend ( Architectural greys will be traded up for warm golds, deep taupes and rich brown shades. (See Pine Marten, Treacle Pudding, above, Baked Plum and Chestnut Pink in the Colourtrend range.) “They create a cosy environment and work perfectly with our Irish light,” Nicholson says. 

Lastly, don’t disregard green. Yes, it may be one of the most popular colours in our landscape but that doesn’t mean we’ve tired of it on our walls, either. “The most searched term on our site is ‘greens’,” Nicholson says. Again, it all comes back to comfort. “Grey and green are the colours we see most days living in Ireland, and they translate in to comforting familiarity at home,” Nicholson says. 


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