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1 year ago

The One Clarins Product We Can’t Live Without


We all have our favourites. When it comes to Clarins skincare, there are some longstanding staples that are always in our bathrooms, from Beauty Flash Balm – the original instant fix for skin, if you’re ever in need of an immediate glow – to Multi-Active Day and Night creams, plant-powered formulas that form the bedrock of a good skincare routine.

“At Clarins we merge the best of nature and technology,” says Marie-Helene Lair, Responsible Innovation Director at Clarins. “Nature is the oldest R&D lab and is a beautiful inspiration for us.” She explains how Clarins continuously work to improve the immediate and long-term efficacy of their skincare, enriching bestsellers with new discoveries. “The new needs of women are behind these formulas,” she says. “Women’s needs come first.”

Clarins Double Serum was first launched in 1985 and has been a constant bestseller ever since. What’s so different about it? It’s a combination of both water-soluble and oil-soluble actives, chosen for their impact on the skin’s vital functions. Because these couldn’t be combined in one stable formula, the Clarins science team came up with a unique double vial bottle, so they could be kept separate and then combined only as they are applied to the skin. Double Serum is made up of 21 high-performing plant extracts, all with a specific action on each of the skin’s vital functions, and two plant-based ingredients with a targeted action. The most recent reformulation features several important new ingredients, including turmeric, long recognised as a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties to benefit the skin. “There were many trials to ensure it acts on all vital functions of the skin, as well as boosting the efficacy of your creams,” notes Lair.

The formula has been continually finessed and improved since it first launched, keeping up with new discoveries and innovation. The product is now in its eighth generation. This means you can rely on the serum for long-lasting hydration, anti-wrinkle action, helping skin’s elasticity and increased radiance. The light texture and lasting hydration make it a reliable daily essential on the bathroom shelf: as our skin matures and starts to get thinner and lose elasticity, it is a really beneficial first step. No wonder it remains one of our best-loved skincare rituals, even over 30 years later …

Double Serum, €72 30ml, €92 50ml, available at selected pharmacies, stores and on


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