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11 months ago

The New Natural: Make-Up Artist Leonard Daly’s Skincare Detox


Over the past month I have been using all-natural products on my skin. I felt that I needed to detox everything and pull back from super active ingredients from my routine for a while. In the past I have used a mix of natural skincare along with an AHA-based skincare routine to get results. But when your skin is tired of being scrubbed and peeled and is just not playing ball, you just need to calm everything down.

I have been using Neom Organics Ultimate Calm Face Wash, €34. It is almost a balm texture but lighter. For the first couple of days I didn’t love the feeling of it, but now I adore how it melts away the day while filling your senses with the beautiful calming scents. Use a euro coin size amount with just a splash of warm water and massage in. It feels beautifully relaxing and the smell is divine. After cleansing in the morning I use Clarins’ brand new eye cream, Total Eye Lift, which is of 94 per cent natural origin. You are supposed to see a difference in 60 seconds; I didn’t notice a difference that quickly but after using it for a couple of weeks I did notice that fine lines seem to be reduced and the skin feels plumper. As you warm it up on your fingers before applying the cream melts to a cooling gel-like texture; I focus on under the eye and also apply on the lid. It is everything you need from an eye cream. Available from July 31 from stockists nationwide and, €68.

Finally in the morning I use moisturiser/SPF; unfortunately I haven’t found one from a natural range that I love so I still use Image Skincare’s oil-free SPF 32+. At night I use Neom’s face wash again but switch to their Perfect Night’s Sleep range, packed with lavender; I also use their pillow mist at night to help me sleep. The cleansing wash comes with a dual-action cotton cloth; one side is more textured for exfoliating. Three times a week after cleansing I use Trilogy’s Rosehip oil (€39.95; currently you can get a free moisturiser if you order from Cloud10 Beauty): I apply it liberally to my skin, and let it soak in. I have incredibly oily skin and initially the idea of adding oil freaked me out but this works a treat.

I have also been taking supplements for the past few weeks to try boost my energy. I have been using Swedish Nutra Vitamin C&D3 which supplies your full daily recommended intake of vitamin C, vitamin D3 and zinc. It comes in a liquid form which is orange-flavoured, and once open you keep in the fridge and take a shot each morning. The bottle has a month’s supply and I noticed a difference in my energy levels after three days using. The range is available nationwide in pharmacies, €17.95.


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