The Luxury Of Good Design

Designer SIMON O’DRISCOLL on SOURCING 20th CENTURY FURNITURE and designing BESPOKE PIECES for his clients …


Sourcing good design was always my passion and now I help people find uniquely well-designed pieces of 20th-century furniture which have become more special, and valuable, with time. It’s the sum of all parts – materials, design, quality, usefulness – which results in classic, intrinsically beautiful pieces. The best pieces feature rare materials and a design that can fulfil the needs of our contemporary lives, so we can enjoy a great, beautifully designed luxury, every single day, for years and years, in a chair, a table, a sofa. I know this, because I live with good designs I have found, and saved for. Of course, as the market for 20th-century widens and good pieces become thin on the ground, I look ahead – to another interesting period I feel will yield new treasures.

Design classic by Eames.

The other aspect of my work is designing bespoke furniture for clients. The luxury here, as with anything bespoke, lies in owning something uniquely handcrafted with gorgeous materials, made to suit your needs and home alongside a sense of connection and satisfaction you will feel forever. For me, it’s an opportunity to bring to fruition new ideas in design and create adventurous designs I feel will enhance lives. So the process itself is a pleasure – or should be – before the piece is even made and you can start savouring it, in your own home.

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