The Illusion of Space

The trick to making more space is better utilisation of space. NOEL DEMPSEY DESIGN’s David Dempsey on key design tricks …

“Most of our clients come to Noel Dempsey Design because they know we are great with space – freeing it up, claiming it back and maximising storage! Even the tightest kitchens can be transformed by clever use of space. For instance, you can do things like reduce the height of the kicker boards so that cabinet size can be maximised. Or, rather than eliminate overhead cabinets entirely, we sometimes stack or layer them to use as much as possible of the available ceiling height. Saving just 20mm here and there can make a huge difference. Opting for tall cupboards will make use of the height of the room without swallowing up floor space and sometimes, using open shelving rather than overhead cabinets can create an illusion of a more “open” kitchen. Open shelving always has to be beautiful looking so before you commit, ask yourself if you like curating your glassware and china – if you don’t, give this option a miss and minimise the amount you store in cabinets. If there’s scope to have a walk-in butler’s pantry, do it. It might seem counter-intuitive but while a well-designed pantry consumes square footage, you get back far more in terms of useable space to store microwaves and toasters, reducing clutter elsewhere. Lastly, when choosing a colour for walls, cabinetry and worktops, we favour shades that don’t have huge contrast. This makes everything seem bigger.”

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