The Gold Standard in Haircare Just Landed …. Dyson’s Real-gold Drier

Today DYSON launch the ultimate upgrade: a GOLD SUPERSONIC. Yes, real gold …

Funny how we regularly update some aspects of our beauty routine – mascara, lipstick, foundation and so on – but forget others, and arguably the more important. When did you last upgrade your toothbrush, for example, or invest in a new hairbrush? A hairdryer, too, is something many of us use nearly every day, and yet for years we just grabbed the nearest one and never wondered if it was actually any good. That changed in spring 2016, when global tech company Dyson ruffled up the industry with the launch of the Supersonic hairdryer, designed to be quicker, cleverer and less damaging for your hair than any before. As with the bagless vacuum cleaner, it was a whole new take on a boring daily chore. More expensive, too, at €399 (£299stg). So the question became: what makes the Supersonic worth the money?



As a beauty writer, this has become one of the most-asked questions, along with “Is Creme de la Mer really that good?” and “What’s the best mascara?”. I use this drier most days, and have to say, yes, if you are able to invest in one (or preferably get given one as a gift), then it is genuinely a game-changer. It’s much quieter and quicker, and as the temperature is measured 20 times per second, I feel that it’s less damaging to my already over-coloured and fragile hair. It also helps tame my daughter’s thick hair. If I needed further convincing, an exclusive tour round the Dyson HQ, meeting the engineers behind the technology and seeing the dedicated R&D labs, gave a real sense of the attention to detail used in branching into the hair tools business from scratch. A vast £75m has been spent developing, testing and perfecting the new technology, and we saw the “literally miles” of hair (real hair, from all different hair types and ethnicities) used for testing the drier.



On a “cost-per-wear” basis – that classic way to justify purchases – the Supersonic is a complete no-brainer. What stood out for me when talking to the engineers is the motor they developed: Dyson’s small digital motor that sits in the handle – the key to the speed and efficiency of this drier – is eight times faster than average, but also has been relentlessly tested, making this drier a long-term investment. I hate technology that breaks or needs updating after a year or two and so this appeals to that sense of buying something that lasts (plus you get a two-year guarantee). You’re investing in healthier hair long-term, as well as a much quicker, more efficient process on a daily basis.

Today Dyson launch the ultimate upgrade: a gold Supersonic. Yes, real gold. We spoke to lead engineer on the project, Britta Stockinger, who told us that they tried lots of different methods to achieve a gold finish, but found that only two layers of actual gold leaf (23.75k) from Italy gave the best results – and each one is hand-painted, thus combining the age-old technique of gilding with cutting-edge tech. It was clearly a challenging process, but the result is both madly extravagant and infinitely practical. A most fabulous gift and a collector’s item.

The Dyson Supersonic limited edition 23.75 karat gold hair dryer, €499 (£399stg) is available exclusively online at


Sponsored by Dyson

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