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4 weeks ago

The Fertility Conversation: What Do You Want To Know?


We invite readers of The Gloss to join …

A new fertility awareness campaign, #letstalkfertility by IVF provider, ReproMed, is all about helping women in their 20s and early 30s who may be worried about their future fertility. We are inviting readers of The Gloss to get involved in the conversation #letstalkfertility and take control of their own fertility journey. We invite you to direct message us on Instagram @theglossmag or by email to [email protected] with specific fertility queries and concerns (in absolute confidence). Your questions will be addressed by fertility expert Dr Hans Arce, Medical Director ReproMed at a special Instagram TV event on May 3rd.

Terrie McEvoy, ReproMed campaign ambassador and nurse

The #letstalkfertility conversation, which is fronted by nurse Terrie McEvoy, seeks to enable women to take control of their future personal fertility path by investigating their fertility and egg freezing options in a timely fashion. “By taking the time to think about your fertility and giving yourself the options that are available, you are giving yourself that safety net to offset any concerns about age-related fertility issues. That’s the real take home message from this campaign – you are in control of your own fertility so take the steps now.”

“A particular discussion that most women will have at some stage in their lives (whether they are in a heterosexual or same sex relationship or are single) is whether to have a baby or not and although you may spend your 20s and early 30s trying not to conceive, this is actually the optimum time for your ovaries and overall fertility health,” says Terrie. “I’ve had many conversations with friends over the years about whether or not we see babies in our future. The importance of this campaign is to open that conversation up and to make sure women know that they have the ability to plan ahead.”

Dr Hans Arce, Medical Director ReproMed

Undergoing early fertility screening can identify a lot of possible triggers for future fertility issues including PCOS and endometriosis. The results of your fertility screening may then prompt you to further investigate other options open to you including egg freezing.

As Dr Hans Arce, Medical Director ReproMed says: “Fertility can be a challenging subject to discuss which is why we need to have open and honest conversations with friends and family around fertility to normalise the conversation and make sure anyone interested in accessing fertility services whether that is AMH testing or IVF, can do so feeling fully supported at every stage.”

With these options open to women, the invisible burden of the baby deadline no longer asserts as much control. With life, work, relationships, friends and family there’s already a lot going on!

Get involved in the conversation #letstalkfertility and take control of your fertility journey: message us on Instagram @theglossmag or email us at [email protected]

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