The Dyson Airwrap Styler for Hair Just Landed and Here’s What You Need To Know

This morning Dyson launch their follow-up to the Supersonic hairdryer: the AIRWRAP STYLER


It lands globally at 10am and you can nip along and try it out over the next two weeks at a pop-up taking place on 57 South William Street, Dublin. Meanwhile, here’s the lowdown on it …


Back in July, we headed to the Dyson HQ in Malmesbury, near Bath, for a top-secret preview of the company’s newest technology. We had an idea it was a new hair tool, following on from the Supersonic, launched in 2016, but other than that it was entirely under wraps (as it were). A small group of beauty editors from around the world, who’d travelled in from as far as Korea and Canada, donned white coats to tour the labs, meeting the engineers, designers and brains behind the newest launch.


The Airwrap Styler is a multi-use hair-styling tool. And it makes both your humble hair straightener, and your curling wand, suddenly seem rather limited. Because this can do it all. Just as with make-up, we don’t want our hair to look the same every single day: one day we might want straighter, sleeker hair, another a lazy wave. Women own on average three stying tools each, and Dyson’s aim is to cut this down to one. The Airwrap’s variety of click-on attachments range from a round brush to different-sized barrels for creating curls; you select the appropriate combination (from three) according to your hair type.


With hair straighteners and tongs, you have to blowdry your hair first. But this new Styler works best on WET hair.  You get to skip a step in the morning: there’s no need to dry hair before styling. This is the real life-changing aspect. The other key aspect is that (like other Dyson tech), it uses airflow rather than extreme heat, making it effective without being damaging to your hair. You can create tight or loose curls, as well as wave, smooth and dry your hair with just this one tool. I’ve tried it out, and can vouch that it’s practically impossible to tangle up your hair or get the tool stuck, even if you’re not the most adept, while creating waves is child’s play. In fact, I loved the words of one engineer who noted: “It’s great for people who have no skill.”


Being a technology firm, Dyson don’t take a flouncy, marketing-speak approach to a hair tool. They look at the hard science, starting from scratch and building up a deep understanding of hair, its structure, what damages it, what makes it curl. It’s all about Dyson’s ingenious mini V9 motor. The temperature is checked 40 times per second so that the optimum temperature for hair health is maintained at all times – it cannot overheat. And this new tool has been trialled and researched endlessly – the team of engineers and hair scientists carried out endless trials and research over the past five years of development and go through literally MILES of real hair (of all different ethnicities) in the process. We stepped into the custom-built performance lab and winced at the painstaking levels they go to, analysing the strength and condition of single hair strands.


Though it’s designed primarily for home use, the group of top stylists at the launch, from London’s Larry King to our own Dylan Bradshaw, were genuinely excited by the range of possibilities this tool offers, as well as the reduction in damage to hair. As Bradshaw told me: “When I’m taking good care of a client’s hair in the salon, I want to know that they’re continuing the care at home. This tool is about caring for your hair and minimising damage. It is also brilliant for creating pincurls, and is ideal for keeping a fringe in good shape,” he says.



You have literally never used a hair tool quite like this. Just wait til you see how it snatches up the end of your hair to style it. It takes some getting used to, because it’s a whole new way of styling your hair: rather than blasting it with heat, you’re drying it in a completely different way, with velocity of air. It’s quicker – you don’t need to wait for it to heat up. It doesn’t fry your hair – none of that alarming singeing and smoking. And there’s no more getting a brush tangled in your hair. On the downside, it’s quite long and takes a bit of wielding, and it’s not remotely travel-friendly. And of course it’s an investment. But we no longer torture our hair into being poker-straight – more of us want a soft, natural wave, a bit of lift and volume. And this can do it all. It’s a grown-up hair tool of the highest order – no damage required.


The Dyson Airwrap is €449.99 (with a two-year guarantee), available at and stores, including Dylan Bradshaw salon, Dublin.


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