The Dark Side

Consider a richer start to 2019 by resisting white and paler shades in favour of deeper and darker tones. NOEL DEMPSEY DESIGN’s David Dempsey on the beauty of using warmer natural woods and marble …


“Clients often ask me about kitchen trends but say they want something “different” in which case I love to suggest they consider a darker palette than what they’re used to. Why? Well, many of our clients come to Noel Dempsey Design because they know we will deliver on the form and functionality of a kitchen but what they can’t make up their mind about is the look. There are so many versions of the light, bright kitchen out there … it’s sometimes quite a challenge to create a design that’s completely unique. However, a dark-on-dark scheme can be beautifully cosy and sophisticated and definitely different. Something like this walnut and rich marble combination works best if your space has great natural light by day, and is carefully lit by night. You can achieve two totally different atmospheres – each of them warm and intimate. Though they can be a bit intimidating to work with, darker tones of wood and marble are both dramatic and personal. While white often absorbs other subtle shades, becoming overly-dominant, darker hued spaces allow subtler colours to pop. Wood and marble in rich shades of caramel and coffee can also add inviting texture and softness to a space – the natural grain of the wood and the veining in the marble highlighted to brilliant effect. There’s so much choice now that we can provide the precise dark shades for countertops, cabinetry and splashbacks that will work for a space. Darker woods and marble finishes are also great for kitchens that are required to balance that line between traditional and contemporary. They add gravity and polish to a space, large or small.”

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