The Best Gifts Under €100 For Teen Boys


Choosing a present for a boy between 12 and 15 can be tough. What they think they want  they probably shouldn’t have; what you’d like to give them, they may be wholly underwhelmed by. So if smartphones are out, and a really smart leather schoolbag / blazer / chessboard / science set / easel will be met with a horrified look, you might try one of these …

Sennheiser Gamer Headphones, €79.95;
Monopoly Game of Thrones Edition, €41;
Wilson Tennis Backpack, €33.75;
PlayStation Alarm Clock, €29.99;
Nike Vapor 13 Academy, €55;
Tommy x Lewis Hamilton White Wool Beanie, €49.50;
Tony Hawk 180 Series Wingspan Skateboard, €44.95;
Vans Classic Hoodie, €38.50;
Ok, we cheated, it’s €149: but it’s a gorgeous piece of kit. Instax Mini 90;


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