The Beauty Of Small, Independent Skincare Brands

Beauty editor SARAH HALLIWELL shares some of her favourite INDEPENDENT SKINCARE AND MAKE-UP BRANDS … 

Baja East SS18

Nearly everything I’m using on my skin at the moment comes from smaller, independent beauty brands. Their common link? Each has a unique identity, a transparency about ingredients, feel and smell wondrous on the skin and look good too, with packaging being (mostly) recycled glass. Brands are grabbing our attention in different ways now, and looking good on social media certainly helps. Glossier, for example, the US brand that sprang up from a beauty blog, is now a global success – and available in Ireland via The brand’s eye-catching make-up, in its cute paint tubes, lives up to the hype, while its new mascara is garnering breathless reviews. So what skincare goes beyond being eye-catching on Instagram? I rate Barcelona brand Alex Carro – everything in this small range is simple, intuitive and effective. Tata Harper’s gorgeous organic Crème Riche in green and gold is second to none. I also like the combination of luxury and simplicity in US brand Kypris’ Beauty Elixir 1000 Roses (from But ultimately, we’d rather buy locally and support Irish business. A few independent names stand out, but our favourite homegrown beauty label remains Bare Chic Skin, a tiny micro-batch brand made in Galway, in minimalist black glass bottles. Do investigate the lovely oils for summer. Founder Fiona Carr’s tip is to massage the Glistening Body Oil through your hair pre-shampoo (it smells amazing) as well as on the body after showering onto wet skin (to lock in moisture), and even a few drops on your face for an extra glow. Happily, new face products are in the pipeline. Why look further?


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