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The Beauty News to Know This Week – Including Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Everything you need to know on the beauty front this week  …


It’s a long time since anything new and exciting opened up so we’re delighted to hear about the new improved beauty destination at BT2 Blanchardstown, featuring new counters such as Charlotte Tilbury and Morphe, and delivering lots of lovely beauty brands, from Sunday Riley (whose new Fairy Godmother glowing body oil is divine for enhancing summer evening skin) through to Creed fragrances. Look out for treatments such as Nails One manicure coming soon.


I’ve been using the Klorane Leave-In Conditioner with Mango Butter (€13.30) for a while now and it’s lovely and moisturising on dry ends. Now there’s a new formula for the whole mango butter range – it’s vegan-friendly and sulfate-free, while the packaging is made using 100 per cent recycled plastic. It smells fantastic, too – like the tropical summer you’re not having. At pharmacies nationwide.


Very into this Manucurist shade of green, available at Avoca, €14.95. So fresh and striking! Try their gentler nail polish remover, too.


This Glossier beauty bag is fabulously bright, sturdy and well-designed; €30 at I cannot resist adding some lipbalm to basket too, plus their original pink hoodie is back in stock (€48) – it’s very soft and strong, and stolen regularly by fussy teens.


If your skin tends to be sensitive, Clarins have a new range for you launching next week (June 21). Calm-Essentiel skincare includes a Redness Corrective Gel (€35), Soothing Emulsion (€48), and Restoring Treatment Oil (€56), all with lovely calming clary sage extract. I feel like it’s a perfect menopause-stage skincare set too – the Gel is beautifully cooling and refreshing on the skin, while the oil is light yet nourishing over night. No fuss, nothing extra, just essential care for sensitive skin. At counters nationwide.


L’Occitane Cap Cedrat Travel Collection, €33.50. This neat set also has an air of promise – the potential of travel in the near future, perhaps. If you are feeling more generous, we recommend the Homme fragrances – they’re a bit of an insider’s secret. There are three really high-quality and lasting eau de parfums, whether he likes a herbal, woody green, a crispy sea-salty scent or something warmer and woody. They are infinitely shareable, too. €75 each, at L’Occitane stores nationwide and online.

How about a voucher for a properly therapeutic massage: I treated my other half to a deep-tissue massage with Gosia Ulamek in Deansgrange to help his back from home-working, and he said it was a revelation – he slept far better and all aches and pains disappeared. The opposite of fluffy, wafty massage. From €55, email [email protected] Or you could book a trip to Fota Island Spa to try their new Ground treatments, using the lovely aromatherapy range created by Peigin Crowley, from €105 (contact [email protected]).

A quirky Irish gift? Consider The Handmade Soap Company Poo Drops, €25, available online and at Brown Thomas. This is a little bottle of essential oils to keep in the smallest room in the house – add a few drops into the toilet bowl to scent the room. Genuinely not sure about this as a gift idea but I do like the idea of the bathroom smelling of lovely natural essential oils such as coriander, geranium, lavender and eucalyptus. It’s a rather different take on room spray (inspired by Aesop’s original version), and pretty practical. THSC’s lovely Anam gift box might be a little less on the nose, though …


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