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The Beauty Glossary by Sarah Halliwell


We’re definitely becoming a bit fruit-averse when it comes to fragrance. The words “red berry accord” make me run a mile, and I am increasingly pink pepper intolerant (it’s actually derived from a fruit and not pepper at all), since these are so often accessories to the crime – the crime being those pink, fruity, sugary scents (often bearing a celebrity or designer name) that are cloying and overpowering. This summer, however, there are signs that orange is indeed the new black. Who doesn’t crave fresh fruit on sunny days? Notes of lemon, bergamot and lime are essential elements in zesty colognes, redolent of billowing white linen, orange trees, a sunlit Italian terrace. Benoit Nicol of wonderful Irish company The Nature of Things sources lemon and orange essential oils from Italy. His newest oils include bergamot, Nicol’s favourite because “it’s the quintessential ingredient when creating your own colognes, with its tart and sweet citrusy note, and floral and spicy facets.” A few drops in a diffuser freshen a room with “uplifting and stress-relieving effects” – in fact, it’s practically a liquid antidepressant (for just €16). Perfumer Jo Malone has always created brilliant modern twists on fruit, and her Jo Loves Pomelo is an eternal summer favourite. I’ve also been spraying Margiela Replica Under the Lemon Trees throughout the day, and Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine, a juicy, positive fragrance that conjures Seville’s sultry streets plus a hint of Terry’s. And I’m intrigued by Aurélien (£195stg at www.net-a-porter.com), a blend of orange flower and jasmine from Carine Roitfeld’s new perfume collection. For instant sunshine, invest in a mini orange tree from a garden centre – the smell alone will make you happy. Oranges are not the only fruit …

Three things to try this month: 

THIS WORKS: There’s a glut of rose-gold glosses and liquid highlighters around at the moment, from Laura Mercier’s Chrome collection to Charlotte Tilbury’s Glowgasm. But honestly, are these just for bright young things to wear at festivals? Actually, I feel they can work on everyone; the clever formulas catch the light and add glow and gleam in a beautiful way. Use a wet brush with Tilbury’s Face Palette (above, €75) to really maximise the pigments. Our tester, an over-50 beauty lover who hasn’t tried Tilbury before, thinking it was a younger brand, raved about the Beauty Light Wand highlighters: “It gives me a see-through rosy flush that’s just enough to do the trick, but looks like it’s all me, au naturel. The gold plus rose reads as a lovely sheer peach.”

THE FULL IRISH: Primarily targeted at new mothers, Nessa Organics skincare, created by Dubliner Fiona Toomey, is actually suitable for everyone. Scar Saviour balm “is great for any type of scar, new or old, on the face or body, and also for breakouts, rashes, minor burns and inflamed skin. We have clients who love it for acne scars, and men for razor rash, so it is very versatile,” says Toomey. Caring and all-natural, it’s ideal for sensitive skin. £25stg at www.nessaorganics.com.

THE INNOVATION: We pay attention to the ingredients in our skincare now – but then just throw a bog-standard toothpaste in with the weekly shop. Worse, we’re subjecting our teeth to harsh whitening treatments. Formulator Declan Lenahan urges us to change our habits. “Hydrogen peroxide, used for whitening, should be administered by a dentist – it is a horrendously corrosive molecule. People are leaving on strips too long, causing hyper-sensitivity and damaging the surface of the teeth.” Also, many mouthwashes are the oral equivalent of face wipes: they contain alcohol, which dries out your mouth. Lenahan is the expert behind L.A. Pacific toothpaste, which uses an enzyme reaction to remove stains without damaging the enamel; it basically converts sugars in the mouth into safe levels of hydrogen peroxide. €8.99, at Boots.


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