Beauty Buzz with Leonard Daly: The Simple Skin Fixes That Really Work

Our guest beauty expert LEONARD DALY answers your burning beauty questions. This week: how to brighten dull and lifeless skin, permanently …

Etro SS19. Photograph by Jason Lloyd Evans

There are so many make-up products that will give you a healthy-looking complexion, but I think it is best to actually treat the issue, rather than cover it up, so that you can have radiant skin all the time. Using active skincare will improve your skin’s tone and texture, making it glow and feel smoother. And when it comes to skincare, the most important part is cleansing. Cleansing does all the heavy lifting in skincare: obviously it removes make-up and any dirt, but if you use the right cleansers they will also help to improve your skin.

Boring but true: it is best to double cleanse. The first cleanser will remove any make-up or dirt, leaving your skin ready for your second cleanse that changes your skin. I always choose a cleanser that has glycolic acid: it is a magical ingredient that acts as a mild exfoliator so your skin’s texture will be incredible, as well as delivering nutrients and cleaning the skin from the inside out. I love a product that double-jobs, and glycolic acid does many many jobs. So it’s perfect for busy people who don’t have time to use lots of products.

If you are trying out glycolic for the first time, you may experience slight redness or minimal skin peeling; this is completely normal and will only last a few days. The cleanser may tingle when you apply to your skin – again this is normal, as the active glycolic gets working. For the very best results, try and get a peel or, better still, a course of peels to kickstart your new skin regime. I only go to Nichola in Renew Clinic on Hatch Street for my peels, she is a skin genius. For a single peel it costs €95; a course of six (which you get every two weeks) is €510.

The cleanser that I use most is from Image Skincare’s Ageless range, and is probably my favourite skincare product ever made – it has changed my skin hugely and I have literally been telling anyone who will listen to get it for years. It’s €35 but if, like me, you are incredibly mean with your products it will last three to four months; it is available in beauty salons nationwide.


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