Beauty Buzz with Leonard Daly: Beauty Tools – One to Invest in, and One to Avoid

Should we buy into beauty trends like jade rollers and silk pillowcases? Do they actually make a difference? Guest beauty expert LEONARD DALY sorts fact from fiction …


We are bombarded every day with new beauty tools and products that promise to knock years from your age or blitz our cellulite. It is a minefield, and a lot of the time the most-hyped gadgets actually don’t do a thing for your skin/hair. So what’s worth trying out – and what should you avoid?

One thing I have tried recently that the beauty world has been mad for is a silk pillow case. I got a Slip pillow case from Space NK (they’re also available at Cult Beauty). They are made from heavy-weight incredibly high quality silk that feels cool on your face when you get into bed. What silk pillowcases promise are less ‘bed face’ in the morning, because the cotton in your pillowcase leaves creases on your face which compromise your skin – and after years of bed face, the skin in certain areas will become more saggy and more likely to get lines. Silk pillowcases also help to prevent bed head hair, stopping breaking when tossing and turning, so no more crazy hair in the morning. I paid about €100 for my slate grey pillowcase; they come in white too but silk can discolour easily. Homestore & More have silk pillowcases too, at a fraction of the cost (two for €25); the silk is nowhere near as heavy or luxe feeling and they are only silk on one side – and when washed a couple of times the colour was really off-white and I couldn’t get it back to white. But I did have similar results in that I had less bed face in the morning.

Other good-value versions include Donegal brand The Silk Label (various colours, €52). Cara Pharmacy also has some white ones for €39, and Arnotts currently has Belledorm Mulberry silk pillowcases (€64).


Another current beauty trend is the jade roller. I believe in science and want results from my skincare products and tools. Yes, this looks and feels lovely to roll around your face, and is very Instagramable, but did it work for me? No it did not. I am aware that there are lots of people who love them, but personally I’d rather massage in facial products myself. Jade rollers have been used in China since the seventeenth century and are said to remove toxins from your skin by helping to drain the lymphatic system. But you can do this with a facial massage (find instructions on YouTube) in seconds.

So I’d save your money on this craze – but I do recommend silk pillowcases. Your face and hair will thank me.


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