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Beauty Buzz with Leonard Daly: 3 Beauty Questions I Get Asked The Most


Our guest beauty expert LEONARD DALY answers three of the questions he gets asked the most …


This week I put out a question on my Instagram asking if any of my followers had any beauty questions that they wanted answered and it turns out that lots of them had. If I don’t answer your questions here I will in the coming weeks:

1. Can you recommend a good eye cream for someone in their 40s?

This is actually where I fall down with my skincare and ironically is the area that I have issues with. But when I am being good I adore Sisley’s Supremÿa Eyes at Night (€220), an intensive serum. It is pricey but worth saving for – you do see a difference. A really good value eye cream is US brand CeraVe‘s Eye Repair Cream (€12, at pharmacies nationwide). It doesn’t have high levels of ceramides or hyaluronic acid, but does have some, and does a decent job of moisturising under the eyes lightly (and without fragrance). Also, drink plenty of water; horizontal lines beneath the eyes can mean you’re a bit dehydrated.

2. My under-eye concealer keeps cracking despite using good skincare – what should I be using?

This has got to do with your application. I blame the YouTube generation, who show people adding more and more powder under the eyes to set the concealer. This is not necessary. The majority of concealers are designed to be used without having to “bake” them. NARS concealers are mega; I prefer the Soft Matte pot (€30), as it’s easier to control the thicker consistency, but if you like a more light-reflecting concealer the Radiant Creamy Concealer (€29.50) is perfect. For more stubborn dark circles, Clarins Instant Concealers (€26) are one of my go-to essentials. Always apply your concealer with your fingers, patting it in never rubbing it; this will genuinely erase what you want gone. If you rub it in you end up taking half of it off and have to add more – or even worse, make the skin red underneath. Less is more when it comes to concealer: the less you use the less people will see and the better your skin looks.

3. How do I keep my make-up intact all day?

I am a firm believer that you should only apply your foundation once – it really amazes me that people reapply their full face halfway through the day. If you have really oily skin, applying a light layer of a loose powder before you apply your foundation will help in catching any excess oil. Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder (€42) is the best. Apply with the biggest brush you have and be sure that you apply just a touch before applying your foundation. Then apply your foundation and any powder products you’re using, followed by another light layer of the translucent powder. You should also invest in a powder compact. MAC’s Blotting Powder (€26.50) is perfect – it comes with a velvet powder puff which you roll over your face with when you get a bit shiny. Doing this will keep your make-up looking fresh all day.


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