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The Beauty Buzz: We Ask Model Appiok For Her Skin Routine Secrets


In my day job, I get to work with some of the most beautiful faces. My make-up style is super-minimal and when the model has amazing skin it makes my job so much easier. One girl who has the most perfect skin is Appiok from Not Another Agency. Whenever I see her name on a job’s call sheet, I know I am in for a great day at work. Her skin is so perfect I rarely use foundation.

I asked Appiok about her skin routine: “In the morning, I wash my face with water only, then I mix a few drops of my vitamin C serum and vitamin E oil in with my moisturiser – I always use a night cream – then I put on SPF, even if it’s not sunny outside, and a good bit of lip balm. At night, I do the same thing but I use a face wash and a spin brush when I need to exfoliate. I put on a steroid cream on my areas with eczema then the moisturiser, vitamin C and E mixture everywhere else and lip balm. I try to do a mask once or twice a week but I usually end up forgetting! As for my body I exfoliate every time I shower and moisturise afterwards.”

I assumed that with skin so perfect that Appiok had facials every ten minutes but it turns out she has never had any treatments done; I am so jealous of her amazing skin genes!

“Always wash and moisturise your face morning and night and exfoliate when necessary.”

Have you any skin issues? “I’ve had eczema since I was a baby but as I’ve gotten older it has mostly gone away so I just use a steroid cream to control it. I also deal with hyperpigmentation, which is very common for people of colour, so vitamin C serum and SPF helps with that.”

What’s your regular make-up look for day to day? “I love glowy skin, natural brows and defined lashes. I recently started using Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation, which is so light and perfect for summer. I love a brow gel and pencil for natural-looking brows. I also always use Strobe Cream on my high points for a subtle glow, as well as a waterproof mascara because it holds my lashes up longer than a water-based one.”

What’s your advice for keeping your skin in top condition? “Always wash and moisturise your face morning and night and exfoliate when necessary.”

And do you have any advice for a young model starting in the business? “I would just say be nice to everyone on set, test shoots are pretty much essential for you to get jobs so don’t expect paid jobs straight away, take care of your body and your mind and have patience, if you work hard it will pay off.”


Photo by Eoin Greally 
Designer/stylist – Adam Farrell


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