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7 months ago

The 5 Best New Mascaras To Try Now


Guest beauty expert Leonard Daly rounds up the new mascaras worth lashing on …

Mascara is one of the most important things in your make-up bag; if you’re having a lazy day but need to look pulled together, applying a good strong lip and lashings of mascara is the quickest way to fake it. Lots of new ones have launched this season, and some of them are incredible. Mascara is probably the product that we are most loyal to, and trying a new one can be daunting. So here’s a tried and tested guide to the best new ones on the market.

TIP: To get the best out of your mascara, try not to pump the brush when you’re using it – all mascaras are designed to get the right amount of product onto the brush when you just take it out of the container. The only thing that pumping your mascara does is get air into the formula and dry out the product. Also, I often see people wiping product onto a tissue before applying to the lashes. This is bad in many ways: firstly, you’re simply wasting product and secondly, you’re getting fibres from the tissue onto the brush which will transfer into your mascara and destroy it. If your wand has too much product on when you pull it out of the container, you’re using the wrong mascara – look for an alternative that’s lighter in texture.

1 NARS Climax Extreme delivers volume and the blackest of blacks in one coat. I love a thick, almost clumpy, lash look and this mascara delivers. If you apply a second layer it gets thicker. Tip: if you’re going to apply a second layer, make sure you apply it when the first layer is still wet; if you let the first layer dry it almost cracks the first layer, so apply both layers in quick succession. €25 at and at Brown Thomas.

2 The second new mascara that I’ve loved this year is Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk Push Up! Lashes. In the first 48 hours of launching, four of these mascaras were sold every minute. What makes this one great is that it almost acts as a lash curler as well as a mascara, giving your lashes 24 hours of curl. It’s also a super black shade and adds length and volume to your lashes. It’s really easy to clean off: use some warm water and a cotton disc and gently soften the mascara on your lashes – it will just slide off. €29 (€15 travel size), at counters nationwide.

3 New from L’Oréal Paris is Air Volume Mega Mascara, a beautifully light mascara. With an almost whipped texture, it’s really light but dries quickly and lasts for up to 24 hours. This is the perfect mascara for anyone with sensitive eyes as it won’t feel heavy on your lashes. Although the colour is black it dries to a more powdery black shade, which looks great if you have fair hair; if you have dark hair or darker skin it may feel a little grey for you. One of the things I really love about this one is that it’s clump and smudge-free – if we had somewhere to go dancing this would be the perfect mascara as it will stay in your lashes and not end up on your face. €14.99 at stockists nationwide.

4 Maybelline New York have for years made some of the best mascaras, and they’re always budget-friendly. This year they launched The Falsies Lash Lift Look Mascara which is a curling mascara. It has fibres in the product to add instant volume and thickness to even the finest lashes. You can apply multiple layers but again, be sure that the first coat is still damp. Perfect for anyone who likes dramatic lashes as it genuinely gives you that false lash effect. €11.99 at and stockists nationwide.

5 Hourglass Unlocked Instant Extensions mascara is a brand-new smudge-proof mascara that lifts, lengthens and defines your lashes. That is what the product promises but I found that I had to apply at least two layers to achieve my desired look, and the colour wasn’t as black as I like. However, it definitely does not smudge and easily comes off if you use warm water – plus the brush is easy to use and really get the smaller hairs of your lashes. If you apply two or three layers you get amazing lashes. Again perfect for fair-haired people. Vegan and cruelty-free. €31.48 at Brown Thomas and Arnotts.


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