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These Living Room Updates Have Transformed My Space

Sleek, chic and low-maintenance: embrace these interiors hacks for a stylish living room update …

We can all agree we’ve spent a lot of time at home during the last year and a half. So it’s little surprise that our home may be feeling a little, ahem, lacklustre. For inspiration, we’ve been looking to the modern mixers – that is, the interior tastemakers who know that a room refresh needn’t mean an entire facelift. 

In good news, a stylish living room update doesn’t necessitate a huge investment. It can be as involved as buying a comfy new armchair or a colourful art print, or as fuss-free as uplifting a space with a vase of freshly-cut flowers. Follow these rules to give your pied-à-terre a little zhuzh


1. The Pottery Piece

Ceramics have never had such cachet. Handpainted, these delicately designed cups and saucers by Hot Pottery are a pretty addition to any coffee table. Feeling big? There’s a matching mug (and bowls), too.

2. The Luxe Candle

Nothing says living room zen like a luxe candle. The Autumn candle from Home Moment a collaboration with Dublin female-run florists The Crate blends fresh green, figs and tonka beans. Shop it here

3. The Stylish Read

Fashionable coffee table tomes and colourful paperbacks are the cornerstones of good shelving. Choose your next best-seller with aesthetics in mind, then give it pride of place in your #shelfie. We love Assouline coffee table books; shop them here

4. The Statement Print

There’s no denying how much art can transform a space. It can make a room zing with colour, add depth or light, or simply speak volumes about your personal style in one small print. When we shop for any kind of artwork, we think of making a statement. Partnership Editions in the UK is a wonderful site for promoting entry-level art buying, with prints starting around the 110 mark. 


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